March 21, 2018

The Texans Are On the Clock

The Houston Texans are officially on the clock……


teddWith the Texans losing to the Tennessee Titans 16-10, the team on Kirby Drive owns the first overall pick of the 2014 NFL draft. With much speculation on who that player could or will be, it is no secret what the position of need for the franchise is moving forward.

General Manager Rick Smith was in Orlando for the Russell Athletic Bowl to personally watch Teddy Bridgewater carve up the Miami Hurricanes going 35 for 45 for 447 yards and three touchdowns and leading the Louisville Cardinals to a 12-1 overall record.

It has also be noted that Smith will be traveling to see Brett Hundley ( UCLA, Sun Bowl), Bryce Petty (Baylor, Fiesta Bowl) , Blake Bortles (UCF, Fiesta Bowl) and Braxton Miller (Ohio State, Orange Bowl) in the coming weeks to watch all of the signal callers at work.

There is plenty of time for things to play out on the top of the draft, but it is imperative the Texans try and find their next quarterback for the franchise.


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5 Responses to “The Texans Are On the Clock”
  1. Johnny Anthony says:

    Sure hope Florida State QB Jameis Winston decides to turn pro and throw the ball to players like Andre Johnson and DeAndre Hopkins could be something real special!!!

    • PDS says:

      He is not eligible to come out this season.

      • Johnny Anthony says:

        That is to bad next recommendation Jadeveon Clowney’s as the #1 Overall pick, still will be some good QBs still available in the second round, Thanks for the update PDS!!!

  2. Johnny Anthony says:

    So much for that idea of the Florida State QB next recommendation and maybe a blessing in disguise sign Jadeveon Clowney’s as the #1 Overall pick, still will be some good QBs still available in the later rounds, Thanks everyone for the update!!!

  3. Herman Walker says:

    The Texans must draft Bridgewater and build around him. You have to give young QB’s something to work with. Just look at what Seattle and San Francisco did a couple of years ago, now one is playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday and the other one is not far behind. Defensive players are plentiful and are available in record numbers. Keep in mind, no quarterback, no wins, no Super Bowl.

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