March 24, 2018

Report: O’Brien Wants to Bring Jim Bernhardt to Houston

New Houston Texans head coach Bill O’Brien has made it known that he wants to bring his special assistant from Penn State Jim Bernhardt to Houston with him. O’Brien, in an interview with Drew Dougherty (Host of Texans TV), made it public of his intentions to have Bernhardt join him.

At Penn State, Bernhardt was special assistant to the head coach and the team’s director of player development. Bernhardt would meet with O’Brien twice a day to discuss the day-to-day activity of the Penn State football team and would help critique O’Brien on Xs and Os, motivational thoughts, facilities and schedule making for the team. It is also known that Bernhardt has sat on meetings for both offense and defense to give his feedback to O’Brien on what he is seeing with the team. Bernhardt is an everyday visitor to O’Brien’s practices to give his opinion on how the practices are run by O’Brien.

Bernhardt first came into contact with O’Brien when he was his position coach at Brown University when he coached linebackers and was the team’s defensive coordinator from 1990-1992.

O’Brien had this to say of when he hired Bernhardt in 2012 when he arrived to Penn State,

“He’s my right-hand man, I think a head coach has to have somebody that’s been around them a long time, that’s been around him when he was a young guy, been around him as he was growing up in coaching. That’s what Jimmy is.He’s known me longer than anyone else here,” O’Brien said. “There’s a very close relationship there. I don’t think he’s necessarily somebody that I trust more than anybody here, but he’s the guy that’s known me the longest.”

It is clear the importance Bernhardt plays in the daily football life of O’Brien and the same should expect to continue here in Houston with the Texans.


4 Responses to “Report: O’Brien Wants to Bring Jim Bernhardt to Houston”
  1. Don In Boulder City says:

    Love the idea. What ever OB needs, give it to him, whoever he wants, hire him. Once hired he cannot be second guessed. McNair has given him the keys, now let him drive.

  2. German Benitez says:

    I saw the interview as well. Do any of you guys know what type of job he would take here in Houston? Or is he more of a mentor to Coach O’Brien that he wants him close to him?

  3. Forever True Rude Attitude says:

    WHAT! Is he guessing? here we go again. How am I supposed to get excited about a unproven coach working for an owner who wont ever know anything about football. Let me guess, we are going to shoot our whole load on a QB and not address our running back or secondary issues? What was wrong with our defense, let me clue you in it wasn’t our assistant coach.

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