March 22, 2018

Tidbits from Reliant and Bill O’Brien Press Conference

Here are some small information nuggets from today at Reliant.



– Owner Bob McNair and General Manager both opened the door for a possible trade down from the first overall pick. McNair also made it known that even if they draft a quarterback that the team will look to sign a veteran quarterback too for the 2014 season.

– Houston Chronicle’s, John McClain, made a connection of O’Brien possibly hiring defensive mind Romeo Crennel for the potential opening as the defensive coordinator. This is the first name tagged to O’Brein besides Stan Hixon from Penn State.

– Owner Bob McNair also clarified who is calling the shots in the Texans personnel decisions and noted he also has a say in the process.

– Head Coach Bill O’Brien would not tie himself into the type of defense the Texans would run in 2014 but did note that 70% of the NFL game is played in nickel and dime situations. He also called his offensive system a  “game plan system” and added that it will be adaptable and flexible week to week.

– O’Brien made it known starting on Saturday that he will start interviewing the 2013 coaching staff for possibly retaining them on his staff.

– Chris Myers, Texans center, was in attendance for the press conference today. Also inside linebacker Brian Cushing met with the media today after his rehab and said he is 1 to 1 1/2 months away from being complete from his broken leg and torn ligaments.

– O’Brien also noted he has some work to do on the roster and here is what he said,

“I can tell you that I basically studied what I saw on paper. So the answer to your question is that I’ve got a lot of work to do on this team and the sooner that I can get back to my office and start that work, it’ll be better. I can’t wait to get going and to study this football team and watch all these players and I’m really looking forward to that. That’s one of the things about football that I love. I love to sit in there and watch tape and really understand each player’s talent and skill set. Of course, I know J.J. Watt and Andre Johnson, along with a lot of the players that I’ve met out here today have had really good, Chris Myers and Brian Cushing, have had really excellent careers. There are a lot of good football players on this team. I know that.”


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