March 18, 2018

Signs Pointing to Romeo Crennel As New Texans DC

With rumors swirling around Reliant stadium, signs are pointing that former Kansas City Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel could be the next defensive coordinator for the Houston Texans. It appears current Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips could be out after three seasons in Houston.

Crennel has proven that he can lead defenses that can produce and while in New England he helped them to three Super Bowl (2001, 2003, & 2004) Championships. He has also been head coach of the Cleveland Browns and the Kansas City Chiefs where he posted a 28-55 overall record. Stops in Cleveland, New England and Kansas City is where he has been the defensive coordinator for each team.

In New England as the defensive coordinator (2001-2004), he had three defenses in the top 6 in the NFL with the 2003 and 2004 Patriots’ defense top two in the league. He is a traditional 3-4 defensive minded coach that uses a two gap system, which will be a change from what the Texans have been running with Phillips the past three seasons.

Crennel has been out of football since 2012 and was a key piece in the 2013 Kansas City Chiefs defense with him drafting a good portion of those players during his time with the Chiefs. This will be a story to watch moving forward as Bill O’Brien continues to fill out his coaching staff.

One Response to “Signs Pointing to Romeo Crennel As New Texans DC”
  1. trpeavy says:

    I’m concerned that if Crenel comes an implements a true 3-4 system, that
    Watt’s exceptional gap penetration abilities will be wasted by turning
    him into a 2 gap DE. Even more troubling is the thought of what happens
    when we have to make the decision to pay Watt (who can earn max dollars
    from anyone). Either we will be wasting a lot of money on a glorified
    run stuffer or we would have to let Watt go. I dislike both scenarios.
    If Crenel comes, there is another possibility that I would like to hear
    your view on I was thinking, would it be possible to move Watt to rush
    linebacker? It sounds a bit crazy at first, but it puts Watt into a
    position to get into the backfield to hit QBs and RBs, which is what he
    excels at. I remember when Wade first came in, Mario was put in as an
    over-sized rush linebacker and he was having a good year until he got
    hurt. How important is sheer speed for this position (since Watt will
    presumably be slower since he’s a big boy) and are their any other
    historic examples of having larger rush OLB that were successful. What
    he lacks in speed I think he will make up in “unblockability.” I’d love
    to face any set that would try to hold him off with TEs or RBs. Some
    may worry that he wouldn’t have as much bend and balance to turn the
    corner such as Von Miller, but is that really necessary when he is
    either going to swim over or just truck right through the OT? We also
    wouldn’t have to worry about his ability to handle the running game,
    which is a concern for a lot of fast/smaller OLBs If Watt can be the
    rush LB, then we could move Reed inside next to Cush and have Watt,
    Cush, Reed, Merc as LB corp (which is where you want your best players
    in true 3-4) and then find our planetary NT and 5′ DEs either through FA
    or draft. What say you?

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