March 22, 2018

Texans are Taking the Necessary Steps to Build a Winner

The Houston Texans since the firing of former Head Coach Gary Kubiak, the organization has the feel that they have finally looked at the root of their issues of their recent failures. Since making the hiring of new Head Coach Bill O’Brien official, there has been a real changing of the guard for the Texans.

O’Brien since coming aboard on January 3rd of this year has started to make his mark on the organization. It seems that Owner Bob McNair has let O’Brien make his own decisions to make the team better, and allowed General Manager Rick Smith stay part of the process having a 50/50 relationship on all team personnel decisions.

O’Brien has started his process in changing the culture of the Texans to his team, and making sure it is done his way.


Locker tags sans names for 2014.

Locker tags sans names for 2014.

Team First

The word at Reliant is that O’Brien has taken down any presence of the individual accomplishments from the halls to the locker room. There were plenty of pictures around the facility that recognized players for their individual awards (Pro Bowls, Players of the week, etc.) which were removed. Also, about lockers there will be no more names, just numbers and the Texans logo to mark lockers. The team aspect of O’Brien has taken over and with a team first mentality, expect situations that happen pre-2013 not to happen again. Expect accountability up and down the roster when a player comes up short in expectations.

This is not to say that the Kubiak era did not have a team first mentality, but accountability was an issue during the entire eight year tenure of Kubiak. Selective accountability was an issue depending on who that particular player was. Now there is a feeling that all 53 on the roster will be held to the same standard, that standard of doing what is best for the team.


Same Vision, New Direction

O’Brien has filled his staff, though not confirmed, with coaches that have zero connection the Texans. The staff that he is bringing in are coaches that understand what O’Brien wants, with the bulk of his staff is coming from Penn State. Add the fact O’Brien has gone a different direction with the remaining parts of his staff, he has held over the only coach from last year in intense defensive line coach Bill Kollar. Interviewed one of the best offensive lineman off all time and former Head Coach Mike Munchak for the offensive line position, then met with defensive mind Romeo Crennel to be the new defensive coordinator, which looks like a done deal.

O’Brien has filled his staff with his guys, but has gone outside on the “buddy” network to fill his staff. Getting two of the best in Munchak and Crennel to commit to the Texans would be a big deal, and with Crennel apparently on board getting Munchak on staff would be a home-run.

It appears the staff for O’Brien could round out into an impressive one, and it the Texans are using any means necessary to fill their staff.


Bill O'Brien, Head Coach

Bill O’Brien, Head Coach

“The Patriot Way” 

It is known that McNair has been enamored with the “Patriot Way” and the success that comes with it, and the thought process looks to be headed south to Houston. O’Brien is bringing long time confidant Jim Bernhardt to the Texans in a similar position to what New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick has in Ernie Adams, his Football researcher. Bernhardt will have the title of Director of Football Research exactly what Adams is for Belichick.

Throw in the fact that O’Brien said that his offense will be flexible and adaptable, and depends on what the opposing defense do week to week. Another similar aspect of the Patriots and how they operate with their success under Belichick. O’Brien said this about the “Patriot Way”,

” The things that I learned there, in my opinion, were there is one way to win and that’s as a team. It’s about everybody understanding their role. It’s about people practicing hard, working hard in the offseason, being good teammates, preparing well for each game. Every game is a little bit different and understanding that. “

He did say that the “Patriot Way” is something for Owner Robert Kraft to answer, but it is apparent he is using a similar model to build his team in Houston.


The Texans are changing before our eyes, and making some necessary changes to be successful. This is the start of a long road ahead to get the taste of a bad 2013 season out of the organization’s mouth. The season will be here soon enough and this is just a portion of what the Texans need to do, but once again the changes are infusing hope back into the organization and the fan base.

Decisions on personnel still need to be made, but the early returns of hiring O’Brien have been a step in the right direction.



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3 Responses to “Texans are Taking the Necessary Steps to Build a Winner”
  1. Aaron says:

    “There were plenty of pictures around the facility that recognized players for their individual awards (Pro Bowls, Players of the week, etc.) which were removed. Also, about lockers there will be no more names, just numbers and the Texans logo to mark lockers.”

    Seriously? Woof. Is this a high school team?

  2. Neal says:

    Well, they played like High School back to the basic’s

  3. hotrod says:

    I am all for the changes being made.. Cut out the Cancer that was Kubiak and his no win cronies. After all these years McNair has gone the good ol’ boy route. It didn’t work. We were a laughing stock franchise. It was time for change 8 yrs ago. After the Charlie Casserly fiasco. David Carr was a joke.. Schaub another second string quarterback from Atlanta. Choke joke.. I hope Obrien can get it all together. People of Houston deserve better.. If we can produce a winner, maybe Jerry Jones will consider backing away.. Nahhh. never happen.. lol.. it’s all about him..

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