March 19, 2018

Texans Top 20 of 2013: #10 Antonio Smith

In this series, we look at the top 20 Houston Texans of the 2013 season. 



Antonio Smith was one of the few Houston Texans on defense that actually provided some life from a defense that took a beating in 2013. He was a mixed bag during the season, and there were times when his run defense was hard to watch, especially against bigger offensive lineman who moved him with ease. Smith struggled standing up to the run when it was right after him, but he showed ability to play the run on plays away from him where he could use his speed to run down ball carriers from the backside.

Smith’s value was in the pass rush from the interior where he ranked 5th by Pro Football Focus for 3-4 defensive ends. He totaled 29 quarterback hurries, 9 quarterback hits and 5 sacks, which was important for a defense that had no outside pass rush. J.J. Watt and Smith worked well with each other, and in the 3-4 defense under Wade Phillips they were the only true pass rushers. For the season he had 30 total tackles (22 solo, 8 assists) 1 pass deflection and 1 forced fumble.

His season for the Texans was over shadowed by a poor season, but Smith put together some of his best seasons as a professional these past three seasons. Smith still has what it takes to be an interior pass rusher, but his run defense is a slight concern. He has made it known he wants to return to Houston, but that could all change with the new regime in Houston.

A free agent now, Smith could be looking for a new place to play in 2014. His overall contribution to the Texans should not be overlooked just like his 2013 season.




Texans Top 20 of 2013: #11 Garrett Graham

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