March 19, 2018

Bill O’Brien Talks Quarterbacks and Accountability

Bill O'Brien, Head Coach

Bill O’Brien, Head Coach

Head Coach Bill O’Brien has made the rounds in the recent week talking to various radio stations. We took a closer look at some of the more important comments from O’Brien especially when it comes to quarterback evaluations and accountability with his new team.

O’Brien offers some fresh thoughts and opens the door some to his view on what is going on in Houston.


On What He Wants in a Quarterback

“The ability to be obsessed with football, you have to love football. Be willing to study it day in and day out off-season, during the season, mini camp, training camp, obviously you really don’t take time off from the game to be a great quarterback. You have to be an accurate passer, you have to be a guy who can stand in there and take a hit, you got to be a good leader on your team, you have to be a great teammate a guy that is willing to stay there after practice to work on  a certain route and a certain run game polish or something like that. I think there is a lot of factors to be a great quarterback. ”


On His Prototype Quarterback for His Offensive System

“This system that we run here has had all different kinds of quarterbacks, obviously everybody associates it with Tom Brady and that is who they should associate it with because he has had obviously tremendous success in this system. This system over the years has had mobile quarterbacks, tall quarterbacks, quarterbacks who were 6 feet tall, quarterbacks who were 6-5, quarterbacks that had all different types of skill sets. What you try to do  is try and look what is available to you and what is on the team and make sure the system fits to the skill sets of the player.”


More on the Ideal Quarterback

“There are so many different things that go into it, other than height and weight. I think some of those things are important the hand size, the height, the weight, maybe some of those things are factors at times. What else is important for a quarterback is he a winner, is he a guy that is a leader on his team, is he a good locker room guy, is he going to be a great guy in the community. Is he going to be a guy that is going to study the game, morning, noon and night, be obsessed with the game.”


On Quarterback Height if it is an Issue with Evaluations

“I really don’t. I think if you are a quarterback that isn’t 6-5, you have to have that knack for finding a passing lane and being able to throw. I think a lot of it has to do with release point, where you are releasing the football. Is your elbow high enough? Are you on top of the football or are you underneath the football, there are a lot of things that go into it.”


On His Culture of His NFL Team

“We believe as a staff and our team will believe in being a tough, physical, smart, fast team that can play in all different types of environments. A team that can play in the heat in Texas and a team that can play in January in a snow storm in Denver. Everyday we will talk to our players about doing their job and working hard. Only worrying about what their role on the team is and how they can determine their role on the team.”


On Accountability with the Texans

“That is what it is really all about. I believe the way you practice is the way you play. I think we will practice at a fast pace, we’ll practice competitively, we will keep the roster competitive every single week. We will make sure we are putting our players in the best positions to make plays and then we will go out there and practice and compete on a daily basis.”



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