March 19, 2018

O’Brien to Call the Offensive Plays

According to the Houston Chronicle’s John McClain, new Houston Texans Head Coach Bill O’Brien will call the offensive plays from the sideline on game days. This news comes out with his coaching staff not complete, and vacant spots at offensive coordinator or quarterbacks coaching positions for the upcoming seasons.

O’Brien who is an offensive mind coach, called plays as the offensive coordinator for Georgia Tech (2001-2002), at Duke (2005-2006), the New England Patriots (2011) and at Penn State (2012-2013) as the team’s Head Coach. This comes as a little surprise, and is very similar to when previous Head Coach Gary Kubiak did the same thing with the play calls.

This is important to know the structure of the team under O’Brien, and having him in charge of calling plays should be interesting to watch for the 2014 season.

In his only season as a NFL offensive coordinator for the Patriots in 2011, his offense posted some top-notch numbers.

2011 New England Patriots Offensive Ranks

Yards per Game: 2nd in the NFL (428)

First downs: 2nd the the NFL (399)

Points per Game: 3rd in the NFL (32.1)

Turnovers:  3rd in the NFL (17)

Rushing Yards: 20th in the NFL (1764)

Rushing Touchdowns: 3rd in the NFL (18)

Passing Attempts:  3rd in the NFL (612)

Passing Yards: 2nd in the NFL (5084)

Passing Touchdowns: 4th in the NFL (39)


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