March 21, 2018

Texans Top 20 of 2013: #5 Ben Tate

In this series, we look at the top 20 Houston Texans of the 2013 season. 



The 2013 Houston Texans offense was a shell of itself, especially in the running game, and with Arian Foster out for the season, Bent Tate was the only threat in the backfield. The Texans were in a world of hurt without a running back who knew the system, especially when it came to pass protection schemes.

Tate did not light it up with 181 carries for 771 yards and four touchdowns, but majority of those yards were gained with a significant injury. In week 7, Tate took a hit to his rib from Kansas City Chiefs nose tackle Dontari Poe, who ended up breaking four ribs on the running back.  The offense actually had an identity when Tate was in the game, but once he hit the sideline the offense look even worse.

For the season, Tate gained 431 yards after contact and averaged 4.3 yards a carry. After sustaining his injury, Tate had 130 carries for 504 yards and a 3.9 average per rush compared to his 5.2 a carry pre injury. He was solid majority of the season and had his only 100 yard game against the New England Patriots where he went for 102 yards and three touchdowns.

Tate more than likely will be gone after this season with his rookie deal expired at the end of this past season and will be with a new NFL team in 2014. Tate did what he was supposed to do this season, and gained plenty of respect for the way he played with his injury. The injury eventually landed him on the injured reserve in week 15, and at that point the season was out of hand. The season Tate will not go down one of the best single season’s in team history, but knowing the how season went his performance was impressive with the circumstances at hand.


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