March 19, 2018

Texans Salary vs. Production in 2013

This wasn’t originally our idea but Shane Richardson was looking at production from the 2013 season versus cap number for the upcoming 2014 season. We decided to take it a step further and work the 2013 cap numbers into the equation versus their production for the season.

Richardson looked at the top 10 paid players from each team and compared their Pro Football Focus rank versus what they were paid. We  broke down the top 15 players for the Texans and look at their rank versus their contract ranks.

The comparisons should come as no surprise.

2013 Texans Salary vs. Production




























There are only two Texans who lived up to their contract, according to the comparisons, Chris Myers and Andre Johnson. Only J.J. Watt exceeded the comparison by ranking 1st in the PFF rankings for his position and every player that played defense, and this is for a player not paid in the top 25 of his position group.

Looking at players like Matt Schaub, Johnathan Joseph and Wade Smith the difference is mind-boggling. It is situations like that should make a general manager worried if he is getting all the bang for his buck.

Now looking at the upcoming 2014 season, Richardson looked at the 2014 salary cap numbers versus the 2013 production.

2014 Cap Numbers vs. 2013 Production

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One Response to “Texans Salary vs. Production in 2013”
  1. Shane Inlosangeles says:

    Thanks for the shout out! Also, when looking at player’s not performing to their contract, you have to take a look at what cap hit the team will take if you try to cut him. For example, I know a lot of Texans’ fans want Schaub gone, but if you cut him, it is still a $10.5M cap hit. As bad as he was, having a veteran QB on the roster who is going to cost you a lot whether you keep him or not probably makes sense.

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