March 20, 2018

Texans Roster Evaluation: Quarterbacks

In this series we look at current Houston Texans who are still on the roster and under contract. We look at their potential role with the new regime and what it could mean for the 2014 season. 

The one position that needs the biggest upgrade for the 2014 season, we take a look at the three quarterbacks that are under contract for the Houston Texans.


The Quarterbacks

T.J. Yates

2013 Season

If there is one player on the Texans roster that should feel slighted, look no further than Yates. After taking over for the injured Matt Schaub, Yates had a half of football he would like to soon forget. A pick 6 capped off Yates in relief duty against the St. Louis Rams and was never looked at again to take over a sinking Texans ship. Appearing in three games, Yates was inactive for 13, which was a tough thing to watch. It is hard to explain how the team didn’t even look towards him when the season was out of hand, especially with a small window of success he had his rookie season.


 To be honest, Yates’ future in Houston is up in the air and could hinge on what the Texans want to do with Case Keenum. The best thing for Yates is that Gary Kubiak and company have left town, and there will be a breath of fresh air for Yates. With no real depth chart for the Texans quarterback, Yates could easily get back into the picture. At 6-4 and 217 lbs., Yates could find a new direction under Head Coach Bill O’Brien and Quaterbacks Coach George Godsey and they could possibly fine tune the quarterback into the discussion for a roster spot in 2014.

Yates is still under his rookie contract and entering his final year in 2014, which could be a factor for him in possibly staying in Houston.


Case Keenum

Case Keenum

Case Keenum

2013 Season

With no experience but the practice squad, Case Keenum was thrown into the mix by the Texans. If the decision was from up top above Kubiak’s decision making or it was Kubiak himself that put Keenum the starter, it marked the end for the Texans season in 2013. Keenum did provide some “Wow” plays, but overall there is more work to be done for the second year quarterback. A concern for the quarterback has to be the amount of sacks he took and low completion percentage for the season at 54.2% which was 36th out of 37 quarterbacks in 2013.

There is a consensus thought that Kubiak might have damaged Keenum’s confidence by pulling him against the Oakland Raiders and again versus the Jacksonville Jaguars. It may have some validity, but Keenum still had enough time on the field to improve each game.

Struggles with reading blitzes and adjusting to defenses taking the deep ball away from his game slowed Keenum’s learning curve. This really forced him to be a true NFL quarterback by making pre snap reads and going through route progressions on the field. The reality of the situation is that Keenum and the Texans were 0-8 with him as the starter, and there were chances for him to win games late for the Texans.


Keenum’s, just like Yates future, will be up in the air with the expected competition to come with more quarterbacks before training camp opens. The big question has to be whether O’Brien sees him more than a backup at this point, and his future could be tied to Yates. With the possibility of two new quarterbacks coming next season, the roster can only hold so many quarterbacks which could lead to some familiar names on the way out.


Matt Schaub

2013 Season

The season hinged on the play of Schaub, and with his poor play the Texans went down in flames after two wins to start the season. A horrid streak of interceptions resulting in touchdowns, Schaub’s confidence was all but shattered by the time he was injured against the Rams. If it was Schaub, or the plays being called, it was apparent teams had the Texans’ number offensively and it showed when they bogged down inside the redzone.

With the NFL being a quarterback driven league, the Texans’ one offensive piece they did not need to fail and Schaub’s play made that a reality. There were questions already surrounding Schaub entering this season and throw in the fact he was given a contract extension, the criticism was warranted. His skills seem to have declined and with his age climbing, Schaub will have to find a way to try and save his career.

His ceiling as a quarterback has been known for sometime and makes his future in Houston look like it is coming to an end.



Until the Texans decide what they want to do with Schaub, the movement for players will be at a standstill. Schaub’s contract is the sticking point, and the decision rests on whether the Texans need to keep him, ask him to take a pay cut or just release him. It is hard to imagine a scenario where the Texans plan to keep him in Houston for 2014, but stranger things have happened.


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