March 24, 2018

Report: Texans Inquire About Brock Osweiler

According to Peter Burns (104.3 FM Denver) multiple teams have contacted the Denver Broncos about backup quarterback Brock Osweiler. It appears that one of those teams was the Houston Texans.

Osweiler has been with the Broncos since 2012 when he was drafted in the second round (57th overall) out of Arizona State. At 6-8 and 240 pounds, Osweiler has appeared in 9 games over the past two seasons in light duty. Only 107 yards in his career, Osweiler is an unknown quantity at the quarterback position sitting behind Peyton Manning.

The Texans seem to be checking every avenue in regards to the quarterback position, and it appears they are working hard looking at NFL backups. It will be interesting to see how the Texans address the quarterback situation for 2014, and there seems to be no set way on how the Texans plan to acquire their quarterback for the near future.


4 Responses to “Report: Texans Inquire About Brock Osweiler”
  1. Stovie47 says:

    Now that Peyton has shown that he play for another 4 years, why not get a couple of second round picks for Osweiler?

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