March 20, 2018

Report: Texans Showing interest in Mike Vick

According to NFL AM on the NFL Network, the Houston Texans have been on of many teams that have inquired about Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. Vick is set to hit the free agency market when the new league year opens up early next week and will be considered one of the top quarterbacks on the open market.

The Texans are leaving no stone unturned in regards to improving their quarterback situation under Bill O’Brien and this is just another sign of that process.

Vick, the former #1 overall selection in the 2001 by Atlanta Falcons, is one of the more polarizing players in the NFL and still has some left in the tank. Despite missing two seasons for serving jail time in his dog fighting case, Vick rejuvenated his career with the Eagles.

Entering his 13th year in the NFL, Vick has thrown for 21,489 yards and rushed for 5,857 yards with 121 total touchdowns (85 passing, 36 rushing). Vick does have a tough time staying healthy and has dealt with injuries majority of his career, and has been prone to fumbling the football.

If anything the Texans have at least contacted representatives on the availability of Vick. A fact finding mission on Vick’s interest level in Houston and what he is looking for in his next contract. Vick will be added to the  growing list of quarterbacks the Texans will kick the tires on.


92 Responses to “Report: Texans Showing interest in Mike Vick”
  1. Rockets lady says:

    Noooooooooooooo we don’t need that dog murdering piece of shit in Houston!

    • ggm888 . says:

      so i guess you dont want to win

      • DSOL32 says:

        I don’t care about whatever he did off the field. I don’t like it and he got what he deserves, BUT he is not going to help us win lol. He has not been a good playoff contender since Atlanta. Why waste money on a veteran that could not produce enough when he was in his prime? That doesn’t make sense to me. Schaub is efficient but also cannot get the complete job done in “clutch” time especially. No to Vick

  2. Sarah Tirone says:

    Hell No!!! Keep that murderer out of Texas!

    • ggm888 . says:

      so i guess you like seeing a losing team even though fluffy was in a accident with another dog

      • april-a says:

        It was no accident,ggm888. It was deliberate and continued abuse, neglect and torture of many dogs for pure “sport”. Vick isn’t the only one out there that can play. Anyone able to do what he has done is a sick individual and should not be idolized. Winning isn’t everything.

      • Lisa Wild says:


    • Greg Votaw says:

      You are all ignorant, it was not even him it was his house and his “homies” being from houston you should all know what thats like. So hes not a rat? And he can play football beter than any quarterback to ever play in houston! Whats the problem? Oh yeah…. johny football loves dogs and will be an nfl star….not.. you guys should be cowboys fans and get off houston

      • raptor2010 says:

        You are the ignorant one because he ADMITTED TO TORTURING AND KILLING DOGS. Get your facts straight before defending that piece of trash.

  3. downinaggieland says:

    Surely the Texans have too much class for that…

  4. TexasChristian80 says:

    “But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins…” You people are so judgmental and condemning of others for the mistakes. So can’t be redeemed for what he did? Get over it.

    • raptor2010 says:

      Would you “get over it” if he were a child molester?

      • the buda says:

        If he were a child molestor he’d be in prison like Sandusky……Vick paid his dues.

        • raptor2010 says:

          Actually he did not, he did not serve one nanosecond for animal cruelty so he has NOT “paid his dues” as you say.

          • the buda says:

            two years in federal prison…..

          • the buda says:

            and lost his 100 mil contract not only with the Falcons but Nike as well.

          • raptor2010 says:

            For gambling, NOT animal cruelty, he has NOT paid his dues. Do you have any inkling as to what he did? The horrific torture he inflicted on those dogs, not to mention the bait animals that never get mentioned in these cases. He is sociopath. Is this REALLY who you want your children to emulate and look up to? Someone who has not one ounce of empathy for another living being? Is this really who YOU emulate and aspire to be like?

  5. SMash says:

    Houston’s estimated 1.2 homeless pets do not need a high profile predator like Michael Vick encouraging underground dog fighting rings. The NFL may play the forgive and forget game but dog lovers and advocates have not. Nor have the dogs Vick hurt or killed.

    • ggm888 . says:

      oh so i guess you dont want to win. so do you want to keep schaub because ges a nice guy keep their personal life out of the game.

      • SMash says:

        Vick isn’t that good. There are much better quarterbacks that are available.

      • SMash says:

        And Shaub is young and has time to develop. Vick has been injured a lot and is at the end of his career. From a pure numbers point of view, sick Vick isn’t worth the time or effort.

      • rhenson says:

        Rather have Shaub and lose than Vick and lose innocent lives.

      • Texansgal says:

        If that is your position. Fine. However, I don’t believe that the Texans I know and love would ever want to turn their backs on their own personal convictions and moral ethics to sign such a piece of scum merely for the possibility of the chance of winning a game. We can do better.

    • Larry Hagan says:

      Are you serious.. that’s what wrong with Society people make mistakes…he did his time …if others what you call 500 companies like the NFL give second chances the crime rate would probable be more and likely to be down! !

  6. Mandy Berry says:

    I cant believe a Christian is okay with innocent living things being tortured and murdered….. “As long as you go to church every Sunday, all is forgiven”….. Bull sh*t. Keep that low life out of Houston!

  7. Sarah Tirone says:

    Maybe we will get lucky and someone will shoot him. Texas is known for their guns.

  8. DSOL32 says:

    Why in the hell are you ignorant people talking about what he did off the field and went to prison and paid for his crime??..LET IT GO. This is about how or if he can contribute to US winning. I do not think he would do any better than what we already have. Which is not much. Schaub cannot do it. I think Keenum can be developed into something better than he showed. But Vick I do not think could put us in any better situation. He has not been a real playoff contender since Atlanta. So why waste money on another veteran qb that cannot get us to the next step?

    • raptor2010 says:

      NO, he did NOT go to prison for animal cruelty, he went to prison for gambling. Get your facts straight before you defend that lowlife piece of sh*t. Also, ALL serial killers, bar NONE, began their lives of crime by torturing and killing animals. Would you be so quick to “forgive” him if he had murdered children? Animals, like children are innocent, they did not deserve what he did and he is a vile vile, poor excuse for a human being. May he rot in h*ll.

      • Greg Votaw says:

        Lol you read to much and you must believe, I has to be true it was on the enternet! Stupid read up on how long ago it was and how there is no hell. Maybe he will come back as a pitbull and bit you in the ass!

        • Greg Votaw says:

          he is a leder plain and simple even if he doesn’t start he can teach everyone there a little something and maybe help keenum be the future who knows and who cares I cant believe I even got into this conversation

          • rhenson says:

            Leader in who’s eyes. He is no leader and shouldn’t be allowed to be in a situation where kids look up to him. I don’t give a damn if he is the best football player in the world I would never want trash like that around. I hope all the animal lovers out there get their wish and NO ONE picks him up. BTW at least reading helps you learn to see your mistakes when you are typing.

          • Greg Votaw says:

            The good ol spelling line! Sory I am iliterate an stuped that iz y we are on da same webcite! and why I keep replying to this nonsense. Get a life and stop trying to ruin others, we all make mistakes from spelling to dog fighting and all should be forgiven.. everyone hits a wrong button does not mean you know me or I am less educated than you. Keep picking life apart while I live mine.

          • rhenson says:

            See there is the difference. I live to do my best to make this world a better place for my children. Having an idiot who murders anything be it dog, cat, or humans in a position where they are looked up to isn’t something that needs to be allowed. When you sign up to play football you do so knowing that you are going to be put in the spot light. And if you can’t obey the law and be a good role model for our future then you should be booted out.

            Just saying.

          • raptor2010 says:

            “You people”? Well doesn’t that just smack of racism and I do believe that YOU threw the first punch with your comment to me and I was merely responding in kind. Don’t start an argument that you are not willing (able) to defend and expect others to simply roll over and agree with you. I disagreed with your stance and I am within my rights to voice my disagreement and I did so in a well thought out and intelligent fashion, not in “text speak” or whatever that was you were using.

          • Greg Votaw says:

            Now im a racist? And yes it was text speak I guess. I was not aware I was being judged here myself. I am all for a good debate but not this personal nonsense. Stay on topic and understand not everyone looks at it like murder its animals not people. Go back to peta and stay off unrelated shit. Its super old and he did his time was it wrong? Yes, unforgivable? Hell no! Some more text speak for you. Hope you can understand it

          • raptor2010 says:

            I do believe I was on topic, I do not want him to play on ANY team, regardless of where that team might be located because he is a sociopath. Correct me if I am wrong but the article was about Vick being picked up by the Texans, was it not? Therefore, my response was he is not fit to play anywhere for any team due to his past and a past that he probably would gladly have never walked away from had he not be caught. You countered with mindless drivel and I simply responded to you and you are a prime example of why people should stay in school. Also, who is making it personal now telling me to “go back to peta . . . ” Not a big fan of PETA but I do believe in animal rights.

          • Greg Votaw says:

            How about “go fuck yourself” did i spell that right? I finished school and you dont know me. If I wanted your opinion I would ask for it. That was personal, Know the difference

          • raptor2010 says:

            Like shooting fish in a barrel 😉

          • raptor2010 says:

            Seems my earlier response was deleted so I shall post it again. Getting someone’s knickers in a bunch is like shooting fish in a barrel, especially when they don’t have the “tools” with which to defend their position 🙂

          • Greg Votaw says:

            3 days later? Looks like you are thinking about this way more than me.. like 3 days longer! Get a life and a real job. If I could figure out how to not get these emails that would be great, can your cheap web daploma help me out with that?

          • raptor2010 says:

            Obviously you do not have reading comprehension skills
            either as my post states “seems my EARLIER response was deleted . . . ” the one I posted Friday and I simply wanted to get the last word in, just because and the bonus is you find the email alerts annoying, so it’s a win win 🙂

          • raptor2010 says:

            Look at the bottom of the email alerts brainiac, there is an “unscubscribe” button, simple really. Wow, you really don’t have reading comprehension skills do you?

          • raptor2010 says:

            I cannot believe that you don’t know the difference between “wasted” (as in time) and “waisted” as in defining someone’s waist (e.g., long/short waisted). A mind is a terrible thing to WASTE.

          • Greg Votaw says:

            Ha thats funny, you learn something new everyday! Thank you I now know why god put me on this page. Wasted not waisted.. who would have thunk. Now I can live again amen…and meanwhile back at the ranch

          • raptor2010 says:

            You obviously do not read enough due to the fact that you
            cannot spell. So, Mary, if you are going to try to have a valid argument, at least learn to spell, use proper grammar and
            punctuation because your “argument” falls quite flat when written by someone who cannot string together a simple sentence. Also, it does not matter “how long ago” this transpired because he did what he did, he gleefully tortured and killed dogs for “SPORT”. Michael Vick and those of his ilk will get their comeuppance one day. Oh, and if I am using words that are too large for your little pea brain to understand there is one book you can use called a DICTIONARY that might be of some assistance.

          • Greg Votaw says:

            And why you should not be talking football, whats a dictionary?

      • rhenson says:

        I agree. May he never be signed to another football team again. He doesn’t deserve to be considered an idol for ANY child that is out there.

  9. Wayne Granzin says:

    sorry. once a thug. always a thug. and houston has enough of that already

  10. Wayne Granzin says:

    im not a stats dude. but i understand that in this arena, marketing has (nearly) as much to do with a franchise as talent.

    what the texans lack both athletically and personally is a “figure head.” weve never had one. EVER. as much as a trainwreck as vince young was. i think he would have done better here than in tenn. johnny football isnt ready – but he could be groomed.

    either way. vick is a BAD idea for houston

  11. Wayne Granzin says:

    i mean seriously. you dont just slip on a rock and fall onto dog fighting for money accidentally. thats a decision that you make. and as an adult, making that decision makes you an ass hat. if he’d done it at 17, i could get over it. but doing it as an NFL superstar? yeah, go fuck yourself.

    • Wayne Granzin says:

      it’s time that – as a society – we start holding people accountable for their decisions. this is one of them. dear michael vick, thanks. but you’re not welcomed here.

      • the buda says:

        so serving two year in federal prison and losing millions of dollars and having to work to get back into the game isn’t holding someone accountable???

        • Wayne Granzin says:

          nope. he was WAY past the age where that was an “oops” moment. he’s an adult. adults making bad decisions are just bad adults.

          • Wayne Granzin says:

            i’m not saying he shouldn’t be allowed to make a living or to redeem himself. but simply not at the level he left. back to square one, buddy. enjoy!

          • Wayne Granzin says:

            its time. FAR time, in the US that we stopped rewarding fucked up behavior. at the thug level and at the corporate level. life really ISN’T that complicated. its just a matter of how far you can go before somebody calls bullshit.

          • the buda says:

            haha you weren’t specific. and it wasn’t like the guy was a nobody before it happened. he did his time, he hit rock bottom and has worked his ass off to get back to this. not everyone can grow up with a silver spoon, he made his money but hung around the same bullshit he had when he was a kid/teenager/young adult which was never a good idea. hes not perfect and since the incident you haven’t heard of vick being a thug on or off the field and he has made an effort to help animals out. since this is a game that you play to win, Vick makes sense for the franchise as a bridge QB to our future starter.

          • Wayne Granzin says:

            no he doesnt. just another bad decision to satiate the thugs in the market

          • rachel says:

            lol you are a bitter one. you probably condone shooting dear with high powered rifles and if that doesn’t kill them you take their antler and then snap their neck…in addition you probably voted for the thugs in suits ie Cruz Paul and the rest of the gang get over it dude

          • the buda says:

            lol that contradicts all the bullshit your spitting. “shouldn’t be allowed to redeem himself”. then why would you deny him the chance to do that here?? lol

          • Wayne Granzin says:

            no it doesn’t. and i have to ask (based on your apparent lack of understanding of the language) if you aren’t HIM.

          • Wayne Granzin says:

            when i say “redeem himself” i mean in a way that doesnt afford him a bank of attorneys and PR people. go work at home depot or manage a college locker room.

          • the buda says:

            he paid his dues. we all cant be model citizens like you, sir. he kept the ghetto lifestyle and it led to that, the company he kept wasn’t good for him. im certain that he is a changed person now and is hungry to prove people wrong.

  12. ajay says:

    Oh so its OK for rappist to play football like Ben rothelsberger I bet you would be jumping for joy to get him if he was a free agent personally and truly I don’t care what he did in the end we will be all judged by one man we have no right to judge anyone for we have all sinned so unless you’re sin free shut up and stop judging because in God’s eyes all sins are equal

  13. the buda says:

    “what if peyton was fighting dogs instead of mike vick”

    • Wayne Granzin says:

      really? is THAT where you’re taking this? – SAME SHIT APPLIES TO HIM

      • LoneStarPornStar says:

        Guys, i think his question is referring to success. People tend to forgive your ills if you are massively winning like Peyton is.

    • raptor2010 says:

      I would feel exactly the same way; a sociopath is a sociopath and once a thug ALWAYS a thug, once a murderer, always a murderer, once a sexual deviant, always a sexual deviant. Are you seeing a pattern here? People don’t change who they inherently are, and whomsoever can torture and kill an animal for sport, for fun and in the fashion that he did is evil through and through.

  14. C T says:

    Washed out sociopath. No, thanks.

  15. kat465 says:

    oh no!!!! If Vick comes to Houston I give up on the Texans and the class they once had.

  16. Steve Dent says:

    For what proposes to be a “Christian Nation”, it never ceases to amaze me the dogmatic, holier-than-thou people in this country who continually chastise and demonize those who have made mistakes in their lives. What is it that would have satisfied you people for Mike Vick? The death penalty? Does anyone in their right mind believe that he should have been killed for his crimes?

    Vick paid the largest fine in the history of the United States for dog fighting. He served the most time that any individual has ever served. He’s donated more money to the National Humane Society than YOU or nearly anyone else has. What more do you want? His head on a stick?

    The National Humane Society appreciates his efforts and pointed out on their website that a high profile case like this brings attention to a larger problem. But you know what? Not one of the people that I have talked to about Mike Vick have followed up with dog fighting in the USA and doing something to fight it. It still exists people. It existed before Vick did it and it is alive and well. Where’s the outrage there? Why are we not going to courtrooms and expressing your outrage there? Thirty four people were arrested in Georgia in a dogfighting ring. THIRTY FOUR! Not a sniff of it in the news.

    Appreciate your reading the entire post. I apologize for the length, but I like to express my opinion with some depth in more than 140 characters.

    If we do not allow people to reform themselves, our society will not improve. We do not have enough jails to put people into. Over two million people in jail as we speak. How we treat these people when they come out tells as much about us as it does them. Are we back to the days of the Scarlet Letter? Do you feel better about yourself for looking down at Vick?

    I’m an animal lover and did not approve of what Vick has done. But I do appreciate what he has done and has tried to do since that mistake. Maybe you should to.

    On a football sense (finally), Vick could be a good one year transition. I view this offseason as finding someone BTS (Better Than Schaub). Is he better? I think he would be. I think Cassel probably would be. I think a free agent, stopgap QB is the way to go in the offseason. I am not on board with any of the 2014 QB draft picks being phenoms and worthy of the #1 pick. I am all for trading down and getting more commodities or rolling with Clowney. Too many holes on this team to blow that pick on a QB. No one has a QB as a top 6 athlete in this draft. If we can get someone in free agency, that’s the way I would love to go.

  17. Wayne Cavadi says:

    Huge Texans fan but I live in Atlanta. I was here when Vick was a rookie and when the dog fighting stuff went down. Let me say one thing. None of this has anything to do with why we as a Texan fan base do not want him on our team. The guy costs too much money and is only good forgive games a year tops. He only plays for himself, when a big contract is on the line, and we would be signing him as a stop gap, not a franchise. His talents are depleting. So forgot about your moral and ethical issues, which are fair and just. This is just about talent, and he doesn’t have the talent we need right nowl

  18. Dani Blanich says:


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