March 22, 2018

Is the QB Free Agent Market Leading the Texans Back to Matt Schaub?

Mike Vick

Mike Vick

Matt Cassel and Chad Henne were considered the top quarterback options on the free agent market for 2014 and both are back with their original team. Now with the quarterback market drying up the Houston Texans are running out of options for the 2014 season. It is known that Owner Bob McNair has said that the Texans will be looking for a veteran quarterback for this team, but with the NFL free agent landscape changing so should the Texans plan.

The Texans have been rumored to have checked on New England Patriots backup quarterback Ryan Mallett but now it seems that the interest was not as strong as some originally believed. Also rumors started that the Texans have contacted agents on the availability of Michael Vick, which just adds to the list of the quarterbacks the Texans have done their homework on. Names like Josh McCown, Shaun Hill, Josh Freeman and Vick lead this soft free agent class for the Texans to look at and that itself should cause the Texans to really reconsider what veteran quarterback they are looking for.

Is Brian Hoyer an option?

Is Brian Hoyer an option?

Exploring trade options can also occur and Cleveland Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer‘s name came up this past weekend. His connection to O’Brien goes back to New England days were he spent three seasons with him in the offense. Hoyer is coming off an ACL surgery that ended his season for Cleveland, but provided some life for a struggling team in 2013.

The thought regarding current Texans’ quarterback Matt Schaub has been pointing to being a cap casualty to open up more cap space. The only issue is that there is no veteran on the market or in T.J. Yates and Case Keenum that give the Texans a better fall back option at the moment. The Texans are running out of options in a hurry and they are getting boxed into a corner.

The NFL draft and the free agent period are two different entities and the Texans should still look to draft a quarterback no matter what. The Texans are looking to compete in 2014 and keeping a veteran in-house is part of the plan and their current quarterbacks under contract look like their best options.

There are plenty of issues with Schaub:  his contract, his skill set that seems to be declining but how Head Coach Bill O’Brien feels about him are unknown. There has been communication between O’Brien and Schaub and according to Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson Schaub told him that he felt he was going to be back with the team.

As much as the fans of Houston want Schaub to be gone, the bigger picture of what the team wants may be leading them back to Schaub. The Texans are in no rush to make a decision on Schaub or any other quarterback on the roster until there is a backup plan in place. A decision on Schaub may be slower than what some want and there seems to be an outside possibility that he remains on the team to open up the 2014 season. All possibilities are being looked at for the quarterback situation and keeping Schaub in Houston could easily be one of those options.


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4 Responses to “Is the QB Free Agent Market Leading the Texans Back to Matt Schaub?”
  1. cartooner says:

    I’d love to see Matt Schaub make a comeback, but I doubt that can happen here. Just because he “feels” like he’ll be part of this 2014 team means nothing. He “felt” like nothing was wrong with him in the midst of his 2012 2nd half decline. The bottom line is–the bottom line. He’s certainly not worth his cap hit as a backup or mentor/caretaker. If you’re going to keep him, re-negotiate his contract(pay cut), change his name and number and make him wear shades.

  2. artkelly says:

    Matt Schaub, T. J. Yates, and Case Keenum all deserve another chance with the Texans. Let them play in the exhibition games and see how they do.

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