March 18, 2018

Matt Schaub Not Going Anywhere Any Time Soon

According to the Houston Chronicle’s John McClain the Houston Texans are in no rush to release quarterback Matt Schaub. With the free agent market for quarterback dried up with the names of Matt Cassel, Chad Henne and Josh McCown all signed for the 2014 season, it has left the Texans to reassess the situation on their quarterback position.

The consensus was the Schaub was going to be released to open up cap space to sign free agents, but with no better options available the Texans are holding on to the 11 year quarterback. This comes as little surprise on how quick the free agency market has moved and gives some insight on how new Head Coach Bill O’Brien feels about T.J. Yates and Case Keenum.

With Schaub staying in town for the near future, the Texans will still be on the lookout for a quarterback in the NFL draft.

With the Texans turning their attention to their roster and moving past a decision on Schaub, the Texans have been quiet on the free agency front. There is no guarantees that Schaub will be the starter or even on the roster when the season kicks off in 2014, but the Texans are still under the salary cap with Schaub on the roster.


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4 Responses to “Matt Schaub Not Going Anywhere Any Time Soon”
  1. Jeffery Farley says:

    ok so let ride or die with shaub! Go Texans!

  2. cartooner says:

    I’m not as besotted with John McClain’s utterances as many sports ‘journalists’ seem to be. However, he’s done a 180 in less than a week on Schaub, from being “stunned” if Schaub was around much longer to “keeping [Schaub] for a while”. Add to that McClain’s insistence that Brian Hoyer was a better fit for the Texans than Cassell or McCown and I think he’s on to something even he doesn’t see…yet.
    Does Cleveland pine for Matt Schaub to be their bridge QB to groom their QB of the future? Is Bill O’Brien smitten with Brian Hoyer for the same reasons in Houston? Does Cleveland, with the 4th, 26th and 33rd picks in the draft fear their QBOTF may be taken before the fourth pick? Is Bill O’Brien confident the 4th and either of Cleveland’s next two picks are sufficient to land his QBOTF? Stay tuned…

  3. Bubba says:

    We die if Schaub come back in 2014 and Stevie Wonder can see that

  4. Randy says:

    11yrs says it all he will never be a franchise QB, why waste money?

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