March 19, 2018

Texans Free Agency: Plenty of Value Left

The free agency period did not start the way Houston Texans onlookers expected and now the wait period for the organization to produce some signings is taking longer than expected.

The Texans were not going to be big players in the first wave of the free agency period and the early contracts passed out by NFL teams proved that. Now the second and third tier free agents are slowly getting signed and this could mark where the Texans could be waiting to make their moves.

With $12 million plus available in cap space the Texans could still find great value that could turn into starters and quality depth for this team.

Take a look.


Josh Wilson

Josh Wilson

Josh Wilson – Washington Redskins (Cornerback)

Played at  high level with the Washington Redskins, then hit a down year with a bad defense in 2013. Struggling with his game, Wilson has shown he can produce prior to his nose dive season in 2013.


Javier Arenas – Arizona Cardinals (Cornerback)

A Crennel drafted player in Kansas City, Arenas played nickel cornerback in the defense that the Texans are going to run. Throw in the fact he can return kicks and punts, he could add nice value to the roster.


Kendrick Lewis – Kansas City Chiefs (Safety)

Another player from Crennel’s days in Kansas City, his once high production has been slowed by injuries. He struggled for the Chiefs in 2013 and was a liability for the defense. Getting back with Crennel could be just what Lewis needs to find his way again.


Akeem Jordan – Kansas City Chiefs (Inside Linebacker)

A staple in Philadelphia since 2007, Jordan spent the 2013 season in Kansas City starting 10 games. A depth player, Jordan has starting experience and is still under the age of 30.

Isaac Sopoaga

Isaac Sopoaga

Isaac Sopoaga- New England Patriots (Nose Tackle)

The aging veteran was released from the Patriots and is now on the backside of his career. He could not stay healthy for the Patriots after being acquired from Philadelphia. A 330 lbs. defensive lineman could be a nice rotational piece for a team that needs size in a hurry.


Kyle Love- Jacksonville Jaguars (Defensive Tackle)

Love was a wrecking ball for the Patriots in 2011 and 2012 and he produced at a high level starting 24 games. A knee injury and him dealing with a health scare (Type 2 Diabetes) have limited him to 2 games in the past two seasons. His familiarity with the Patriots expectations could be worth a short term deal.


Ryan Pickett- Green Bay Packers (Defensive Lineman)

In the league since 2001, Pickett has been as durable as they come. With the Packers wanting to get more athletic upfront Pickett will be needing a new team. At 340 pounds, Pickett could be another rotational depth player for the Texans, just what Crennel needs to run his 2 gap scheme in Houston.


Pat Sims

Pat Sims

Pat Sims- Oakland Raiders (Defensive Lineman)

One of the sleepers of the free agent market, Sims dominated late in the season for the Raiders. He has shown he can be productive in the run stopping department, but getting him to do it consistently has been the issue.


O’Brien Schofield- Seattle Seahawks (Outside Linebacker)

Singed a contract with the New York Giants this offseason, but the contract was voided because of his knees. If he could pass his physical, the Texans could add another outside linebacker to the position group. Schofield has experience and produced for the Seahawks in the Superbowl.


Charles Brown

Charles Brown

Charles Brown- New Orleans Saints (Offensive Tackle)

The former second round pick struggled in 2013 and it was his first season to start the position. Brown never caught on and was benched by Sean Payton for his struggles at left tackle. Maybe a flip to the right tackle could help him get a quality second chance.


Jason Fox- Carolina Panthers (Offensive Lineman)

The Texas native can play either guard or tackle and could be another low risk option for the Texans. Starting three games in 2013, and the ability to play left or right tackle is an added plus.


Marshall Newhouse- Green Bay Packers (Offensive Tackle)

The former TCU player, Newhouse was beat out during training camp as the starting right tackle by a rookie. He was the starting right tackle for the Packers in 2011 and 2012, and with the younger players in place Newhouse could easily push for a starting spot at right tackle in Houston.


Lance Moore

Lance Moore

Lance Moore- New Orleans Saints (Wide Receiver)

It is hard to feel that the Texans will not try to get better at every spot of the roster. Moore could be an instant upgrade to the slot wide receiver position. His experience and production are a plus, and he could the piece that O’Brien wants in the middle of the field.


Jacoby Ford- Oakland Raiders (Wide Receiver)

Speed is the name of his game and after bursting onto the scene as a rookie, injuries have slowed the home run threat. Blessed with 4.3 40 yard dash speed, Ford needs to get healthy to help a team. A one year flier on the speed threat would be worth the risk


LeGarrette Blount- New England Patriots (Running Back)

Blount proved he still has plenty left in the tank after he was the work horse for the Patriots especially in the playoffs. Blount gives a team that power back that can do a little bit of it all. Could be a backup and starter with no issues when needed.


James Starks

James Starks

James Starks- Green Bay Packers (Running Back)

Another spot starter when needed, Starks is a complete back that can run and catch. His value could be a plus for an offense than needs multidimensional players.


This list was complied by Big Ron and PDS. 

You can follow Patrick on Twitter.  He is the Editor of State of the Texans.

One Response to “Texans Free Agency: Plenty of Value Left”
  1. JebTex says:

    Arenas just got signed by the Falcons, but he could have helped where JJ/KJ are slacking. Brown still has a lot of potential and could be an excellent band-aid on Newton. Sopoaga is no longer needed with the Powe add. Most of these are garbage re-treads. This draft class will be so thick, the undrafted will look better, and cheaper.

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