March 20, 2018

NFL Awards Texans Three Compensantory Picks

The Houston Texans have been awarded three compensatory draft picks for the 2014 NFL Draft. This will give the Texans a total of 11 draft picks for the three day event. The compensatory picks awarded to the Texans are for free agents lost to other teams and signed from other teams. The formula for the exact process to name the picks is unknown, but the compensatory picks can not be traded at any point.


Compensatory Picks

4th (135th), 6th (211th)  and 7th (256th) round picks.

Draft Picks

1st Round 1st Overall

2nd Round 33rd Overall

3rd Round, 65th Overall

4th Round, 101st Overall

4th Round, 135th Overall

5th Round, 141st Overall

6th Round, 177th Overall

6th Round, 181st  Overall (Acquired from Oakland in Matt Schaub trade)

6th Round, 211th Overall

7th Round, 216th Overall

7th Round, 256th Overall


Full Draft Order is Here

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2 Responses to “NFL Awards Texans Three Compensantory Picks”
  1. Jeffery Farley says:

    oh boy 11draft pics!! wow now i see what obrien is doing he’s building from the draft like u soposed to do:) Go Texans

  2. Louie Partain says:

    I know its just a typo Pat… 4.125 should read 4.135

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