March 19, 2018

The Texans Can Now Move Forward

It happen better than expected and the Houston Texans can now move forward with their organizational plan with a breath of fresh air. The last known piece of the Kubiak Era was finally shipped off to Oakland to end a period of Texans football known for coming up short.

Matt Schaub in Oakland was the best outcome for a Texans organization that knew the declining quarterback could not be on the roster when any team activities opened up in April. The Texans were not in a rush to move their quarterback with a free agent market drying up with quality quarterbacks, but the cards fell right for them to get “something” in return for the veteran.

The two eras in Texans history has left this team with more questions on what direction this franchise is headed. During the Capers’ era it was a team than could not get off the ground and tied to the failures of David Carr. The Kubiak Era was tagged with hope and improvement which showed they could compete which was highlighted with two division titles (minus Peyton Manning in the division) and early exits from the playoffs. High expectations from the 2011 and 2012 division titles did the Texans in for the 2013 and the amount of player talent that left Houston was never replaced. These failures led to the transition of the hiring of Bill O’Brien heading into the 2014 season.

Figure heads associated with a team that were labeled as “contenders” are officially gone and they have been replaced with Bill O’Brien and his players to mark the third chapter in the team’s history. Names likes Matt Schaub, Antonio Smith, Ben Tate and Owen Daniels who have been staples inside the Texans locker room will be replaced by new blood marks a new beginning of sorts. The team will have 18 new names on the 53 man roster in 2014 that were not on the week 1 roster of the 2013 season, which shows the change at hand.

After finally removing the last piece for the Texans past described as average football, the Texans can move now towards an era with very little imprints of the Kubiak era. Bill O’Brien has started his mark by letting all but one 2014 free agent leave Houston, and move on to his own guys.

It is still an odd feeling to think that Schaub has been traded and will not be in Houston for the 2014 career. Being able to trade him is already a feather in the cap of the O’Brien Era, and now the real work can begin with little distractions.

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