March 18, 2018

The Texans Have What the Falcons Want

The rumors with two weeks left until the NFL Draft have started to heat up and now the reports are pointing to the Atlanta Falcons trying to move up to the #1 overall position that the Houston Texans currently are in.

ESPN’s Ed Werder Dropped the News



At this point it is nothing but speculation but according to Werder the Falcons are not hiding their “man crush” on Jadeveon Clowney. To make matters more interesting the Falcons are traveling to South Carolina to see Clowney for an biomechanical and aptitude test, which will involve no on field drills. This would mark the second time in three days the Falcons have met with the potential #1 draft pick. 

If this holds true, the Falcons are looking smitten with the defensive end and could be willing to fork over the picks to get Clowney in Atlanta. The Falcons’ General Manager Thomas Dimitroff has shown he is not scared to deal draft picks to get his target, like he did in 2011 for Julio Jones. Dimitroff sent five picks to get the star wide receiver which included picks in the following years draft. 

As easy as this sounds there are still road blocks that stand in the way for the “rumored” deal to take place.



The Rookie Wage Scale

Like mentioned above NFL teams are allotted money for the rookie wage scale according to picks. Drafting Clowney and trying to trade him to another potential team is tough to do because of the rookie wage scale and the money that will be allotted to him once his name is called. Trading picks moves the money associated with the pick in the trade which only leaves to finding the right combination of picks the Texans would be willing to accept if a trade went through.  


Khalil Mach

Khalil Mach

Potentially Missing Top Tier Players

Dropping from #1 overall to #6 could be a slight reason for concern, especially with the potential to miss out on maybe the top quarterback in the draft (opinions vary) and players like Jadeveon Clowney, Khalil Mack and Greg Robinson. Five top players in the respective position could be gone in a hurry and cause the Texans to look else where on positions with lesser impact on the field. 

Despite being a deep draft according to many draft pundits, the Texans could go from the pick of the litter to possibly reaching for a pick at #6 overall. 


Clowney Possibly Making the Defense Better

Because Clowney is the potential target and looking like the #1 overall pick as the draft draws closer, the Texans need to realize the potential impact he could have on the defense. A defense that was suspect on rushing the passer consistently which in turns helps the secondary in coverage. Clowney could be a big lift for J.J. Watt and the rest of the front seven. 

Of course this is all about potential, but Clowney would be a starter from day one and be counted on to add life to a middle of the road defense. 


The speculation will be continuing and the Texans hold all the cards for the 2014 NFL Draft. Trading down or making the selection will set the Texans plan in motion. There should be no reason for the Texans to move the pick just to pick up two extra picks, this is the top overall pick and commodity that the Falcons seem to want. 

The trade has to be worth it for the Texans and according to one veteran NFC personnel executive,  “His God-given talent is better than 99 percent of the NFL…” in regards to Clowney. 

If that is one opinion on Clowney, the Texans or the Falcons could easily feel the same way.

Let the games and speculation begin. 


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  1. cartooner says:

    If the trade is right you could then justify picking Bortles at #6. If he bombs, you’ll still have 3 or 4 other players you wouldn’t have otherwise. And who knows? There could be another team that craves Clowney as much as they think Atlanta does. Then you just might get a package of 5 extra picks!

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