March 22, 2018

Coming Soon: The Texans On the Clock





Bill O'Brien, Head Coach

Bill O’Brien, Head Coach

The time is closing in on when the Houston Texans will be on the clock to make what some feel is a pick to set the franchise up for the next 10 seasons. It may be true, but the reality is, how the Texans handle the decisions in regards to the 11 picks they have is the bigger key to improve their roster.

There has been plenty of discussion on who the Texans need to take at #1 overall with all signs pointing to Jadeveon Clowney, Johnny Manziel or the Texans possibly trading down to acquire even more picks.

The NFL draft is a combination of quality player evaluation and overall luck on what other teams do throughout the draft. The Texans need to focus on getting value and maximizing their picks by staying true to their draft board.


A Quarterback Needs to Come Before Round 3

Chicago Bears GM Phil Emery made a strong statement about the quarterback position and the success of late round quarterbacks and how many truly become NFL starting caliber quarterbacks.

The Texans need to follow suit and find their potential signal caller prior to the end of the third round.

There have been 87 quarterbacks taken after the 3rd round from 2002-2013 and this is where the taking the chance comes into play. Quarterbacks drafted in the 4th-7th rounds have a low rate of being difference makers, so taking a quarterback in these rounds is playing with house money.

The average crop of quarterbacks has been far and few in between, and the group has been highlighted by names like David Garrard, Seneca Wallace, Kyle Orton, Derek Anderson, Matt Cassel, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Matt Flynn, John Skelton, T.J. Yates and Kirk Cousins. That group itself is full of backups at best, and drafting a quarterback higher needs to be a priority when the draft arrives. (Which we all know.)


Is Jadeveon Clowney coming to Houston.?

Is Jadeveon Clowney coming to Houston?

The Best Combination Of #1 and #33 is Paramount

Now this is barring a trade on either picks, but if feels that the #33 overall pick will have more value than the #1. The reason is simple, after the first round is complete teams will have all evening and majority of the day to reset their draft boards and call the Texans all day to move up to #33.

With that said, the Texans could easily address some key issues on their team with focus on the quarterback position and improving the pass rush.

The more picks they can acquire within the top 100 is a good thing, but being able to hit value with potentially two first round picks is key for a successful draft. The Texans could take advantage of a quarterback group that seems to be sliding into the second round, and the value of the player at #33 could be too good to pass up.


Staying True to the Draft Board

We will never see the actual draft board that the Texans have, but the team needs to lean on the work they have put in on regards to all of the prospects they have studied, watched in person and met with.

Having a clear cut plan and executing it is the priority for the Texans and infusing young talent that can help from day one in all three phases of the team is key. The Texans need to have the plan that all of the draft picks will be part of the 53 man roster when the season opens. There should be just as much thought put into the #1 overall to the Texans pick of Mr. Irrelevant.

Finding players that fit well with the new thinking Texans will be a good thing to watch. Especially to see which type of players will be part of this new era of football.


Reality of this Year’s Draft

Starting with 11 draft picks, the Texans have a primed chance to reload their roster with young players. The bottom of the roster has been an issue with the Texans the past couple of seasons and the in the current situation this looks like a two-year process. Not saying the Texans will not compete in 2014, but putting together majority of the pieces will occur over the next two seasons.

The Texans could swing for the fences drafting a quarterback #1 overall, but taking the top rated player on their draft board is the best thing for the organization. Drafting smart is key and getting the Texans back to where they need to be in terms for pushing for a Super Bowl is further away than a good 2014 NFL draft.

Time will tell where the Texans end up, but the O’Brien Era will be defined in a hurry with this first draft under his watch.


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