March 20, 2018

Andre Johnson Discouraged with the Texans’ Direction

After presenting a $30,000 check to the Houston Area Women’s Center for his charity golf tournament, the Houston Texans longest tenured player dropped a bomb on the organization.

“When you’ve been somewhere for a long time, nobody’s been here as long as I have.. I’ve been thinning about things this offseason. Kind of wonder if this is still the place for me.”

Andre Johnson also made it clear that he would probably not be attending Mandatory Mini-Camp or OTAs and it is clear that he has become disgruntled with the direction of the team. The team’s most decorated player, Johnson has been with the Texans since 2003 and is the team’s all time leading receiver with 927 receptions for 12,661 yards and 61 touchdowns.

He still has three years remaining on his deal and the teams would have to eat $11.96 million dollars if traded on the remaining guaranteed money left on his contract.

 “Now I’m on my third head coach, that’s something I give thought to, I just look over my career, is it a place? I’ve only been to the playoffs twice. I think we’ve only had three winning seasons, two 8-8 seasons. I don’t think any player wants to experience that.”

“… You go through a rebuilding process, some people say it’s not rebuilding, some people say it’s a quick fix. Everybody has their own opinion. But I’ve been through this more than once. When I make my decision, I’ll make my decision.”

The Texans have the controlling options on Johnson moving forward, but it is realistic to think that Johnson will stand his ground to get what he ultimately wants. Johnson was absent from Texans voluntary mini-camp for a wedding then whispers started about the possible unhappiness of Johnson with the organization.

It has all come to light and now it is up to the Texans to come up with a plan to make everyone happy again.

6 Responses to “Andre Johnson Discouraged with the Texans’ Direction”
  1. Matthew Pharis says:

    I can’t say I blame him. I just wish we could be the team to bring him the ring. This guy deserves a ring, whether it’s with the Texans or another team, Andre Johnson should finish his career with at least one ring. I’ll support him with any decision he makes, but I hope he decides to give it at least one more try for the Texans.

    • Judy Williams says:

      I agree, Matthew, but dang, I hope Andre stays. He’s always been one of my favorites. I wear his jersey with pride. Sigh….I’m getting too old for this, too.

      • Matthew Pharis says:

        His jersey is the only one I have. I watched him when he played in Miami and was happy when we drafted him. I’ve always been a huge fan of his. Wish there was something us fans could do.

  2. Steve Dent says:

    I am probably going to be in the minority, but I am about fed up with Andre. He was given a pass last season for being the stalwart of the franchise after walking off the field. Ok…water under the classless bridge. Fine.
    But with a new coaching staff in tow and a well regarded draft, what the hell is AJ’s problem? Can’t blame him? Feel for him? WHY?
    He is a football player who has been the face of the franchise. He has three years, to his own admission, to make a case for the Hall of Fame. His best chance to do that is to stay in Houston. The team is one season removed from being a division champion. A horrendous coaching job and a meltdown from the QB led us down the path to destruction and the payoff was getting the best defensive player in quite some time.
    Without going into my frustrations too deeply, for those who side with AJ…I have a series of questions for him and you…
    What exactly would have satisfied Andre this offseason?
    Did Kubiak not need to be fired?
    Did Schaub (a guy he walked off the field because of) not need to be let go?
    Should the Texans have drafted Manziel? Bortles? All offensive linemen?
    Not having his picture taken down from the weight room and facilities by O’Brien?
    What exactly did he want to see?
    As far as I can tell, he is whining about not winning last year. When the going gets tough, curl up into the fetal position and whine? Please.
    After an extremely positive draft and an encouraging voluntary set of workouts that AJ skipped, the Texans franchise is definitely going through an upward scope. Johnson’s comments can in no way be interpreted as anything other than a negative. Leaders don’t act this way. Professionals don’t act this way. The AJ that I have come to know and love and root for didn’t act this way. To go from the consummate professional and garnering (deservedly so) admiration across the league for keeping his chin up and grinding, to walking off the field and bitching to the media about the direction of the franchise is sad.
    He is now a negative element in the locker room and very much a part of a new problem. A problem HE created. What do the Texans do? What can they do? He is not exactly an easy piece to trade. At this point, you could only hope to get future picks.
    It just sucks that he had to come out and whine. That’s all it was…a little baby whining. He just walked off the field on us again. I wonder if this time fans will see that AJ is deserving of a little more criticism over his childish behavior and not to just fawn over the guy.

  3. cartooner says:

    I’m with Steve Dent. I would add that after foolishly letting his uncle negotiate his contract, Bob McNair graciously let him re-negotiate to make him one of the highest paid WRs in the league. That is bending over backwards for him. Now, boo hoo, he may have to finish his career without a super bowl ring! Who comes in the NFL with a promise of playing in a super bowl? I know he’s the most popular and, to this point, classiest player on the team, but the welfare of the team must come first. Ask him if he’d rather take his chances in Cleveland, because that’s the likeliest landing spot after escaping Houston. Does he think Bob McNair is happy about the football success of the Texans? If McNair didn’t care, Casserly and Capers would still be here. Man up, Andre, and be a professional by honoring your contract and quit being a drag on the team.

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