March 18, 2018

Kareem Jackson Focused on 2014, Not His Contract

One of the top free agents the Houston Texans are going to have to make a decision on is probably their highest profile free agent after this season, cornerback Kareem Jackson. Jackson has been the definition of an NFL player needing more than just a season to figure out who he really is.

Jackson has made it clear he would like to return to Houston and when asked whether his representatives have had discussions about a new contract:

“To be honest. No, I don’t think so.”

The criticism has been warranted for the 1st round pick from 2010 who struggled his rookie season and then split time with Jason Allen his second season with the Texans. His 2012 season with the Texans was an impressive jump for a player who was two years removed from a season where many doubted his skill set and if he could handle the NFL. The 2013 season, like the majority of the Texans teams, was a down year and Jackson was not alone in that department.

Jackson has shown he can cover and played the run with much success, and he is one of the few cornerbacks in the NFL that actually has a presence in the run game. He has a rare want to play physical with ball carriers and he has shown more than once his willingness to stick his face mask into ball carriers.

This season poses new challenges for Jackson and the secondary is learning the new defensive scheme under Romeo Crennel. Jackson has looked good early in OTAs and that is due to him being able to see what is happening in front of him. The introduction of more zone coverages plays into Jackson’s favor:

“I think we’ll have a lot more chances to see the ball come out instead of having our backs to the ball and playing a lot of man.”

The contract will slowly creep up for the Texans and there is an understood organizational thought under General Manager Rick Smith that contracts happen before the season kicks off. The same window will be exercised for Jackson and the window to get something done will be opening soon when the team breaks from Mandatory Mini-Camp in little over two weeks.

Jackson understands he can’t control the negotiations but worries about what is in front of him:

“Right now that is definitely not a big thought in our minds. We definitely want to get through OTAs and if it happens it happens. If not, we will go play and be part of the team and help us win.”


Kareem Jackson’s Key Stats (2010-2013)


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