March 24, 2018

George Godsey Talks Tom Savage and the Texans Offense

For the first time, Houston Texans quarterback coach George Godsey met the media to discuss the quarterback situation and the offense for the upcoming season. Godsey joined Head Coach Bill O’Brien after spending time in New England as the tight ends coach.

Without an offensive coordinator in place, Godsey will team with O’Brien to put together the offense when the regular season arrives. The biggest difference that will come to Houston is the fact the quarterback will be depended on more than ever to make calls at the line to run the offense more efficiently.


Flexibility is key for the offense along with allowing the quarterback to make the changes needed to be successful, but Godsey doesn’t think it all falls on the quarterback. “Ultimately, it is on the coaches.” Godsey continued,  “This is what we want to put on you (the quarterbacks) at the line and this is what we want to hold back. Go ahead and just call the play and run it. We’re going to change that up throughout the game.”

With the offense being able to be controlled by the quarterback with the help of the coaches, this Texans offense has vowed not to be willing to step outside the box. There has been talk about an offense that will come to Houston that will be able to adjust to different styles of play to move and score offensively.  “We are never going to be one-dimensional or one way.” Godsey added, “As much as they can handle, we are going to put on their shoulders.”


The quarterback position is one that will take a front seat on the team and it will be the lifeline for the offense to produce. Godsey talked about the relationship of the quarterback to the rest of the offense, “Certainly the team and the offense in general all works in sync with the quarterback. We talked about this, that the game is really played through the quarterback’s eyes.”

The quarterback’s eyes run the offense and with the NFL turning into a pass happy league, it is more important than ever for the quarterback to have control of the offense.  Getting the quarterback to see the game the way coaches want is key for the progression of the offense. Godsey elaborated on the importance of the quarterback, “So it is very important to relay the information from quarterback coach to the receiver coach to the line coach to the running back coach to the tight end coach what the quarterback is seeing and that way they convey the message to their players.”


Tom Savage

Tom Savage

The Texans added their new developmental quarterback in rookie Tom Savage who, of the four quarterbacks, has the best skill set to make this offense run. There is no concern from the Texans staff on the workload they have given Savage to this point. “We are not holding much back from him either and I am going to coach him hard. Coach O’Brien is going to coach him hard and the rest of the coaches are too.”

There is little not to like about Savage and the work he has been able to put in during the short amount of time since arriving in Houston. The praises said by Godsey let in some insight on how serious the rookie is about becoming the Texans next quarterback.  “The thing I like about Tom is that he just looks you back in the eye and wants to get more reps and he wants to learn. He is a hungry young man and he wants to come in on the weekends to come in and learn too. I think that is the most important ingredient for a young quarterback.”


With an offense and players learning a new system, the staff is paying close attention to not leave any players behind. In the same breath, the Texans staff knows they have to get the basis for their offense installed prior to the end of Mandatory Mini-Camp which starts in a week. Godsey and the rest of the Texans staff recognizes the pitfalls of teaching the system. Godsey said, “There is a fine line between holding back the whole offense for one person or progressing to suffice the whole offense.” As for Godsey, his expectations do not change for his position group, “The quarterbacks are going to be responsible for learning the information that is put to them on a daily basis.”

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