March 21, 2018

Does Brandon Flowers Make Sense for the Texans?

The Kansas City Chiefs made a serious move releasing veteran cornerback Brandon Flowers who was considered one of their key players that they were going to build around. In 2011, the Chiefs signed him to a five year deal worth $50 million and $22 million of that was guaranteed, but less than three years later they released the 28-year-old player.

Flowers is in his 7th season in the NFL out of Virginia Tech and was drafted by Texans defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel when he held the same position with the Chiefs. In 2013, he made 13 starts for Kansas City, notching 68 tackles, intercepting one pass and garnering his first-ever Pro Bowl berth.

According to reports, since Head Coach Andy Reid and General Manager John Dorsey arrived to Kansas City the team shifted their focus to bigger cornerbacks for the defense. Flowers, who measures in at 5-9, would have been the nickel cornerback in passing situations this season with Sean Smith and second year Marcus Cooper taking over the starting duties. Unable to trade him during the NFL Draft, Flowers stayed away from the Chiefs offseason program which led to his release at the end of last week.


Our twitter account went wild and there was plenty calling for “Flowers to Houston” and came out with an article discussing how Houston could be one of the top two landing spots for him. The Chiefs did not get better by the release of Flowers and the team that signs him will get better with an above average player. Will that team be the Texans? It is tough to be certain but there are signs pointing of the possibility.

Brandon Flowers and Kendrick Lewis

Brandon Flowers and Kendrick Lewis

The Texans have Crennel who was part of the staff that drafted Flowers in the second round in 2008. Two of his former teammates from the Chiefs are here in Houston in Jerrell Powe and former secondary mate Kendrick Lewis, who both followed Crennel to the Texans to play with their former coach in Crennel. Add in the need for another presence at cornerback with the injury issues of Johnathan Joseph the past couple seasons and the last season of Kareem Jackson‘s contract arriving this year.

Flowers could easily be a nice addition to a secondary and defense that could use another hand on deck, but the problem arises with the fact where would he play? With Joseph and Jackson as the penciled in starters for the Texans in 2014, Flowers (if signed) would be the nickel cornerback for the defense, a position he did not want to play for the Chiefs.

The Texans also ran into an unfortunate situation with the news of David Quessenberry being diagnosed with lymphoma which instantly puts the need for finding a swing tackle with experience for the upcoming season. Rookie Xavier Su’a-Filo still needing to sign his rookie deal (a cap number around $1 million for 2014) turns the Flowers talk into third on the priority list for the Texans.

The Atlanta Falcons have been watching the situation with Flowers and are set to make a run at the free agent and the veteran will be looking for a starting opportunity. The Texans will more than likely look at the Flowers situation but with an offensive tackle need, signing Su’a-Filo and keeping cap space for movement during the season, Flowers looks down the list of priorities that the Texans should be looking at for the moment.

The only real possibility is if the Texans can get Flowers on a one year deal that is team friendly or a deal with a low cap hit for the 2014 season that allows the team to work within their $8.7 million in current cap space. If the Texans want to make a move for Flowers, they have the room to do it and with over $19 million coming off the books next season they could get a key piece for the defense that is on the right side of 30 years old.



Key Stats

88 games (87 starts), 17 interceptions, 3 touchdowns, 91 pass deflections, 2 quarterback sacks



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