March 24, 2018

The Andre Johnson Saga Starts

Voluntary was the key word of the Houston Texans practices leading up to today and now the word mandatory makes all the difference for wide receiver Andre Johnson.

Johnson started with his displeasure with the Texans organization after the NFL draft and made it known at his charity golf tournament in Houston.

According to his contract the Texans, if they choose, can fine Johnson for not attending Mandatory Mini-Camp that are outlined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement between the NFL and NFLPA. Johnson can be fined up to $11,575 on Day 1, $23,150 on Day 2 and $34,730 on Day 3, which is a total amount of $69,455 if the Texans follow through with levying a fine to him.  Also, Johnson is set to have a $1 million workout bonus due to him for attending offseason workouts, but that too is out the window with him staying away from the facility.

Johnson’s Uncle and advisor Andre Melton made it known that the wide receiver would not be attending mandatory mini-camp which holds true to what was said before by Johnson.

This is just the start for the saga for the veteran wide receiver who is entering some high cap years for the Texans.

$14.6M+ (2014) guaranteed $4,644,583

$16.1M+ (2015) guaranteed $5,644,583

$14.6M+ (2016) guaranteed $3,675,000

Frustration has mounted for the 32-year-old wide receiver and the signs have pointed to the quarterback and state of the franchise as the main issues. The reality is pointing at Johnson realizing he wants security when it comes to his contract with his age becoming a factor. His cap number is too high for a team that needs to move its resources to other parts of the team in the coming seasons. Johnson has done more than anyone in Texans history but the business side of the game is pushing the team to stand their ground and call Johnson’s bluff on sitting out the season.

There has been talk of Johnson retiring, wanting to be traded or him just possibly being cut, but his remaining guaranteed money (~$13.8M) is too much to absorb the next two seasons. The options are not too tough for the Texans in 2014, keep him or trade him to another team.

This story will dominate the Texans newswire for the next month heading into training camp with no end in sight.


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