March 24, 2018

Ben Jones Ready To Welcome Akeem Dent with Open Arms

Friends come and go in the NFL and this is exactly what Houston Texans offensive lineman Ben Jones is going through with the recent trade of T.J. Yates to the Atlanta Falcons. In one day, Jones saw one of his best friends on the team in Yates be shipped off to the Falcons only to see a familiar face in Akeem Dent as the player coming in return.

“That is part of the business.” Jones said of his best friend being traded to the Falcons. Jones was drafted in 2012, a year after Yates was taken in 2011. Their relationship was forged by Jones being Yates’ personal center for the past three seasons working with the second team offense.

In the process, he saw it as a better opportunity for Yates in Atlanta. Just because his best friend was leaving, Jones was not too worried.

“It is not permanent no matter where you are at.” Jones added, “Me and T.J. going to stay best friends. I told him to get ready for the offseason. I am going to come shack on the couch or something. I am going to be at his house sometime.”

Dent was a college teammate of Jones at Georgia (2008-2010) where they posted a 24-10 record under Mark Richt during that three-year stretch. Jones was excited about the news of the Texans acquiring Dent. “(Akeem) Dent is a great guy. His locker was right across from mine 3 of the 4 years at college. He is one of my great friends and as soon as I found out I shot him a text in the morning and looking forward to seeing him when he gets here.”

Jones added what he was going to do when he sees Dent for the first time, “Just shake him and giving him a big Bulldog hug.”


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