March 24, 2018

SOTT Texans OTAs, Voluntary, Mandatory, Rookie Mini-Camp Notes

We compiled all of our notes from the start of Voluntary Mini-Camp through the end of Mandatory Mini-Camp on the Houston Texans.

Here are our complete notes of the entire days of practices.


Voluntary Mini-Camp Day 1

Voluntary Mini-Camp Day 2

Voluntary Mini-Camp Day 3

Rookie Mini-Camp Day 1

Rookie Mini-Camp Day 2

Rookie Mini-Camp Risers

OTAs Day 1

OTAs Day 2

OTAs Day 3

OTAs Day 4

OTAs Day 5

OTAs Day 6

OTAs Day 7

OTAs Day 8

OTAs Day 9

OTAs Day 10

OTAs Risers 

Mandatory Mini-Camp Day 1

Mandatory Mini-Camp Day 2

Mandatory Mini-Camp Day 3

SOTT Mailbag Vol. 1

SOTT Mailbag Vol. 2

SOTT Mailbag Vol. 3

SOTT Mailbag Vol. 4




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