March 20, 2018

A Steady Climb for Alfred Blue

Every NFL team wants to find the diamond in the rough and the Houston Texans might have found a possibility from the 2014 NFL Draft. The Texans, with the 181st overall selection, took running back Alfred Blue from LSU.

What makes Blue an interesting prospect to watch for the Texans?


collegiate starts.


career games.


Averaged 52 carries over 4 seasons for LSU.


yards a carry.


Was the No. 2 rusher in the SEC heading into week 3 of his junior season before an ACL injury ended his season.


Averaged 112 rushing yards per game before injuring his ACL.


College running backs with more than 209 rushes in 2013, the number Blue had his entire career at LSU.


It is not often NFL teams can add a college running back with low wear and tear on his body, and that is exactly what Blue is for the Texans. Sharing carries with Jeremy Hill, Terrence Magee and Kenny Hillard at LSU, Blue had only 71 carries in 2013, the third most carries from the running backs.

Blue was headed for a big season in 2012 before he tore his ACL against Idaho, an injury he is fully recovered from. Blue’s injury derailed a big season but it slowed his climb to be the feature back at LSU. Blue talked about his injury and the lack of mileage on his body from those carries. “I wouldn’t consider myself lucky, but it is a big plus not having that wear and tear on your body.”

At LSU, Blue had 209 carries for 1,253 yards and 11 touchdowns and had 16 receptions for 107 yards in four seasons for the Bayou Bengals. He received a hardship waiver for 2014 but decided not to take it and entered the NFL Draft. Blue had nothing but positives to say about his time in Baton Rouge and when asked if LSU prepared him for the NFL, Blue said with a smile, “No doubt.”

At 6-2 and 223 lbs., Blue has shown that he has some potential to help the Texans in 2014 and he has taken to what starter Arian Foster has been showing. They have similar skill sets with their running style and how they catch the ball out of the backfield. When asked how he compares to Foster, Blue thinks they are their own player but takes note of the veteran running back.

“I think Arian has his own running style. I think I have my own.” Blue continued, “I am watching him and try to learn from him. Taking things from him and put it with my game.”

Blue elaborated on his style as a running back, “I am a well-balanced back. More speed and agility, power and you can split me out at receiver. I pretty much feel I can do a lot of things.”

There has been a good progression of Blue since he has arrived to Houston at rookie mini-camp and looks like he is grasping the offense. He has been moved around as an offensive piece learning what it takes to be successful in the complicated system Bill O’Brien has brought to Houston. Blue likes the work he put in during these past couple of months,

“I feel good. I feel like I gave the coaches a good look on what I can bring to the team.”

The break is not going to slow the rookie and O’Brien pointed out he wants the rookies to stay close to Houston. Blue made it a point that he is going to return back to his home state of Louisiana and work out at LSU. ¬†“I am going to go back in a week and train at LSU and then come back to Houston.”

Blue has everything in front of him and if he can prove to be ready to run the ball at the NFL level, expect a shake up in the running back depth chart.


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