March 21, 2018

“Hopefully” Andre Johnson Returns to the Texans

Training camp is three weeks away and it appears Andre Johnson‘s stance on joining his teammates has not changed according to a few quotes he has given on NFL Network. Johnson missed mini-camps (voluntary and involuntary) and OTAs with the Houston Texans and he made that apparent in an interview prior to practices opening up.  Johnson was in Oregon visiting Nike when asked the questions on his situation with the Texans, so he was not expecting the question when asked.

The complete interview is here. 

The spotlight has turned to Johnson and when he was going to return to the Texans, but there has been no real reason given for his unhappiness with the Texans. There have been whispers he is not happy with the quarterback situation and there have been hints of his thinking retirement. One aspect that has seemed to be missed is Johnson being 32 years old and three years left on his current deal cap numbers over the next three season 14 million plus.  In the NFL, aging players and high contracts do not make good business for NFL front offices and Johnson could be made another example of this trend happening across the league.

All the Texans can do is sit and wait and move on with the other 89 players on the roster into training camp. Johnson appears to be in no rush to join his teammates and it is turning into a bigger situation as training camp approaches.

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