March 18, 2018

Training Camp Primer: The Tight Ends

It is closing in on Houston Texans 2014 training camp and here at State of the Texans we will cover all of the position groups and players leading up to day one of training camp.


Texans Tight Ends 

Top Three Bring Versatility

One of the strongest and most versatile position groups has to be the tight end group with Garrett Graham, Ryan Griffin and rookie C.J. Fiedorowicz.

The Texans kept an important piece of their offensive puzzle in Houston by not letting Graham leave in free agency. The only offensive free agent retained by Bill O’Brien, there is a feeling of a big season in line for the 5th year player. Graham will be moved around in the offense and has become one of O’Brien’s favorite players on offense. Graham is a sure handed receiver and will be used to exploit matchups and is becoming a true H-Back in the new look Texans offense.

Second year tight end Ryan Griffin falls into the mold that O’Brien wants from his tight ends at 6-6 and 254 lbs. Griffin has filled out in his second season and will be used as a true pass catching option for the offense. There is work to be done to prove he can be a better run blocker, but Griffin needs to take a big step as a second year player.

C.J. Fiedorowicz

C.J. Fiedorowicz

The drafted rookie out of Iowa, Fiedorowicz has the potential to be the most complete tight end of the group. Considered an advanced inline blocker and better than the two in front of him in that department, the rookie should see plenty of work in 2014.


The Wild Card

The 6-7 268 lbs. Zach Potter was signed to the Texans prior to mini-camps kicking off. A tight end with NFL experience, Potter brings an imposing player to move defensive linemen off the line of scrimmage. If the Texans continue to look to be a team that wants to run the ball more in a power game look, Potter could be a fourth tight end for the Texans.


The Upside

Anthony Denham

Anthony Denham

Raw and an athletic pass catching threat is the best way to describe Anthony Denham, the rookie from Utah. A tweener in the sense he looks like wide receiver but is better suited for tight end due to his use in college. Denham is a nice pass catching asset that needs to work on his overall strength and his run blocking technique. Catching the football is what he does well and he will open some eyes when he gets to show his athleticism. The practice squad is a legit possibility if he continues to improve over training camp.

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