March 20, 2018

Houston Texans Bill O’Brien Looking Forward to Gathering Information on Prospects at the Senior Bowl

The Houston Texans coaching staff is set to start up a busy week of practices for the Reese’s 2018 Senior Bowl. Bill O’Brien and his coaching staff will be working with the South team, putting the participants through the NFL experience of meetings, work on the field, and going over film to get ready for the next day.

Despite not having a complete staff at the Senior Bowl, O’Brien is looking forward to the opportunity to use this time as a fact-finding mission for potential Texans players of the future.

“For us, it is an information gathering session. We can gain a lot of information on each guy for a lot of different ways how they pay attention, how they learn,” O’Brien said of the Senior Bowl week. “Obviously how they practice and how they compete. You know, I think it is a great opportunity for us.”

When the NFL’s senior vice president of football administration and club services Rod Graves called O’Brien coaching this week, he jumped at the opportunity. With the Texans in needing every opportunity to see prospects up close, this is an offer O’Brien and the Texans could not refuse.

“For me personally, when Rod Graves called me about possibly doing this, I felt like it was a great opportunity rather than sitting in the stands and watching and you’re out there coaching it,” O’Brien explained. “We would all like to be all coaching in the game that is coming up. This is the next best thing at this time of the year to be out on the field coaching with these guys.”


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