March 18, 2018

Houston Texans General Manager Brian Gaine Discusses Building Around Deshaun Watson and the 53-Man Roster

New Houston Texans general manager Brian Gaine met with the media for the first time since being named to the position. Gaine discussed his philosophy on building a roster for the Texans and finding help for Deshaun Watson on the offensive side of the football.

“When you have a quarterback (Deshaun Watson) in place that you believe in that you think can help you win a lot of football games,” Gaine explained. “You have to start putting pieces around him and pieces in place to help him succeed on the field.”

Gaine made it clear that building around Watson will be a key moving forward, most importantly the offensive line.

“That is not just with the perimeter players and the skill players that will be with an offensive line so it is certainly an area that we will evaluate heavy here,” Gaine continued. “As I get my feet wet here in the operation knowing what we have and then studying what is going to be available to us in the free agency market first and obviously with the draft right around the corner.”

Gaine discussed his steps to build a roster for the Texans.

“My philosophy will be this.” Gaine explained.

1. The Quarterback

“You’re going to pursue everything you can to try find yourself a quarterback I feel like there is one here we can build the future with.”

2. Trench Play

“The offensive line and the defensive line are critical. We will always be looking for players to help us impact as it relates to winning performances in offensive and defensive linemen.”

3. Running Game

“The running game. The running game is critical, offensively speaking, both the impact it has in the running game controlling down and distance. Also, because of its impact on the passing game. If you can run the ball it will only help the passing game.”

4. Space Players

“We are going to be looking for explosive athletes. Not just players that we can surround Deshuan with but we are going to be looking for explosive athletes. Players that can make plays in space equaled deter plays that are made in space.”

5. Pressure Players

“We are going to be looking for pressure players. Guys who can get to the quarterback equally players on offense that can stress the defense vertically and horizontally related to speed.”

6. Coverage

“Coverage players. Looking for guys that can run and cover and stretch the perimeter. Obviously, vertically stretch the defense..”

7. Special Teams Players

“4th down and special teams players.”

“As it relates to 4th down we are going to be looking for players with dominate traits. Guys that have physical stand out traits, those are the guy that usually resonate and can make impactful plays on special teams plays for us. Third day players, the undrafted free agent process, those are the guys that are fighting for special teams jobs as it relates to spots on the 53 man roster. “


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