March 24, 2018

Houston Texans General Manager Brian Gaine Intent on Finding Deshaun Watson Help for 2018

New Houston Texans general manager Brian Gaine was clear about putting together a better team for 2018 in his opening press conference on Wednesday. Most significantly, he spoke on finding help for quarterback Deshaun Watson. Gaine opened the door to his era as Texans general manager focused on finding ways to improve players around their franchise quarterback.

“We will make decisions in terms of impacting our roster not just for one position, but it’s clear that we have to put some players around him to help him (Watson) succeed,” Gaine stated.

Watson will be the focal point for the Texans moving forward and it clear in the shift of thinking, knowing they have a franchise player like Watson in-house. To help Watson, Gaine knows it starts with correcting the offensive line, one of the worst units in the NFL in 2017.

“That’s not just with the perimeter players and the skill players, that’ll be with the offensive line,” Gaine said of helping Watson. “So, it’s certainly an area that we’re going to evaluate heavily here. As I get my feet wet here in the operation, knowing what we have and then studying what’s going to be available to us in the free agent market first, and obviously with the draft right around the corner.”

Gaine continued, “When you have a quarterback in place that you believe in, that you think can help you win a lot of football games, you’ve got to start to put pieces around him and pieces in place to help him succeed on the field.”

Gaine had a chance to meet with Watson during the draft process last season and liked the early impression he left on Gaine before the Texans traded up to land him in the 2017 NFL Draft. Now knowing that Watson is with the Texans, Gaine knows he has to take care of one of the top players the franchise has had in a long time.

“He’s certainly a foundational piece for us in terms of what we can build around,” Gaine said of Watson. “It certainly would be an advantage for any general manager coming into a team to have a quarterback in place that you believe in, that you know that can help you win football games.”

Gaine, like O’Brien, is all in on Watson moving forward and the franchise will soon reflect that heading into 2018.

“He’s a talented young man, a talented young player, but he’s a better person.”


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