March 18, 2018

Houston Texans Owner Bob McNair Discusses the Plan to Hire Their New General Manager

The Houston Texans have hired the search firm Korn Ferry, led by Jed Hughes, to cut down the pool of candidates for the team’s general manager job. Around 4-6 names are expected to emerge as possibilities. 

There will be a four-person committee to make the hire of the next general manager: team owner Bob McNair, vice chairman and COO Call McNair, head coach Bill O’Brien, and team president Jamey Rootes.

“I would hope in a couple of weeks, two or three weeks, we ought to have our person in place,” Bob McNair explained to Houston Fox 26s Mark Berman.

The process has started and reports have vice president of player personnel for the Buffalo Bills, Brian Gaine, slated as one of the first interviews to take place.

Also, the Texans will work on signing O’Brien to an extension after the organization wraps up the general manager search. O’Brien is expected to sign a multi-year extension soon after the new general manager has signed on the dotted line.

“We’re going to address that right after we deal with hiring the GM,” McNair continued. “I think that we’ll work something out that we’re all happy with.”

McNair has made it clear that the new general manager will be able to bring in a couple of his own guys but they are not letting a house cleaning of the football operations to take place.

McNair also lined out the job duties of the new general manager.

“The general manager is going to have full authority over personnel, and he’ll report to Cal and me,” McNair stated. “That’s our message to potential GMs. We know what we want. We’ll pick somebody that Cal and I like, coach O’Brien likes, and Jamey likes. We pretty much agree on what we’re looking for.”

“He’ll have the draft and free agency. He’ll handle all football operations and sports performance, which is weight room, training room, doctors, and nutrition.” McNair continued.

Also, McNair put a stamp on former general manager Rick Smith’s role with the team moving forward.

“Rick (Smith) needs to take care of his family. Hopefully, they’ll get good results,” McNair remarked, regarding Smith’s situation with his wife Tiffany. “Some people have raised the question, if Rick comes back at the end of a year, he’s going to have undue influence on the GM. That’s not the case. Rick might not want to come back.”

McNair clearly stated that Smith may not want to come back to the job situation in Houston but they are not worrying about that to this point. They want Smith to take a year away from the franchise and go from there but it is clear Smith is no longer involved in the football side of operations for the Houston Texans


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