March 22, 2018

Inside Look: Bill O’Brien Discusses His New Houston Texans Coaching Additions in Brad Seely, Danny Barrett and Anthony Midget

As Houston Texans head coach Bill O’Brien and his coaching staff descend on Mobile, Alabama for the Senior Bowl, O’Brien gave some insight into three coaches (two new faces and a familiar one), concerning their new roles with the Texans coaching staff.

Off the bat, O’Brien did provide a disclaimer. “We are a long way off from having a completed staff,” O’Brien stated, inferring that filling the positions will be handled in the appropriate time frame.

New Texans Special Teams Coordinator Brad Seely

“You take a guy like Brad Seely who has been around for a long time and is an excellent football coach. Brad is the special teams coordinator; it is really good to watch him teach.”

New Texans Running Back Coach Danny Barrett

“Good guy. Again, we talked to several people about that job. You know Danny has worked for Coach (George) O’ Leary down at Central Florida he has worked in the pros, CFL. He has a good view of offense and was a quarterback and has coached quarterbacks before. He will work with the running backs for us. Good energy guy, really good person, really excited to have him.”

New Texans Defensive Back Coach Anthony Midget

“(Anthony) Midge(t) has done a good job for us. He has paid his dues. He is a really good teacher. The players respect him. They know how hard he works. Good communicator, has got good energy. We interviewed a few guys for that job and we felt like Anthony earned the opportunity to be the secondary coach. We are happy to have him on board.”


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