March 20, 2018

J.J. Watt Looking Forward to the 2018 Season Especially with Deshaun Watson as the Houston Texans Quarterback

After a season during which the Houston Texans set an NFL record with 78 different players used in a single season, J.J. Watt is excited for 2018, looking forward to what is ahead for a franchise that saw some of its top talent hanging out in the training room, rehabbing from their respective injuries.

Watt spent plenty of time with quarterback Deshaun Watson over the season and the presence of the exciting, young quarterback has Watt ready for 2018.

“Very excited, very excited about the future ahead, obviously,” Watt said on locker clean out day Monday at NRG Stadium. “It’s a good to have a quarterback and looking forward to moving forward and having a great year.”

Watson and Watt would give any team hope for the upcoming season and, with Watt coming back from a fractured fibula plateau and Watson rehabbing from a torn ACL, there was a sense of relief from teammates that the season was over, but also a rejuvenated fire in players, knowing that the off-season will come and the 2018 season will be here in a flash, bringing with it new hope and the promise of what could lie ahead.

“Yeah, we have won a few division titles with like 15 different quarterbacks, so if we have one quarterback who is back there who can play the way that he plays, who has the potential and has the abilities he has, of course,” Watt explained. “I think he has great potential. We are really excited to see what he can do with a full season. I’m definitely excited to have a franchise quarterback.”

The Texans were not the same team when Watson went out and could not recover on offense. With Watson starting, the Texans were putting up over 35.1 points per game and by the end of the season without Watson, the offense only averaged 13.7 points a game. That small snapshot gave Watt and the Texans the perspective they needed to see that there is more out there.

“I think the thing that you can see is there’s a confidence there,” Watt said of Watson. “When you have more and more and more guys with that confidence, with that idea that success is on the horizon, that the best is yet to come, that’s when it starts to permeate throughout the whole team. You can’t just have one guy. You can’t just have two or three. You have to have that start to permeate throughout the whole team.”


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