March 20, 2018

Minnesota Vikings to Interview Houston Texans Sean Ryan for Their Offensive Coordinator Vacancy

Houston Texans quarterbacks coach Sean Ryan has been requested by the Minnesota Vikings to interview for their vacant offensive coordinator position. Ryan is being lauded for his coaching of Deshaun Watson providing one of the best debuts by a rookie quarterback in NFL history.

The interview is set to take place early next week and Ryan is currently with the Texans coaching staff in Mobile, Alabama at the Senior Bowl.

Ryan arrived to the Texans in 2016 as the wide receiver coach and then was moved to the quarterback’s coach after George Godsey was relieved of his duties after the 2016 season.

Ryan worked side by side with Bill O’Brien to help develop the Texans offense around Deshaun Watson putting together one of the most prolific offense in the NFL on the field to start the season.

“I feel like Sean (Ryan) has a real bright future in this league,” O’Brien said of his quarterback coach at the end of the season.

O’Brien continued. “I think Sean’s goal is to call plays in the league and that is why I don’t personally want to stand in his way of having an opportunity to do that.”

If Ryan were to leave to the Vikings, the Texans would have to find their third quarterback coach in as many seasons.


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