March 20, 2018

Rick Smith Taking a Leave of Absence from the Houston Texans, New General Manager Hire Up to Bob McNair


The Houston Texans cleaned out their lockers and checked out with football ops, getting ready for an uneasy off-season for the entire team. With the recent news of general manager Rick Smith stepping away to tend to his ailing wife who is battling breast cancer, there are some questions concerning the direction in which the team is headed.

The biggest story of the day is that Smith will be leaving the team and it is a fluid situation, starting with his absence from the organization, for the time being, ushering in a new era for the football side for the Texans.

Smith has been in and out of the building since his wife, Tiffany, was diagnosed with breast cancer at the end of September. Assistant general manager Jimmy Raye III picked up the slack late in the season, signing and working out players while Smith was out.

“My tenure is not over. This is a comma and not a period,” Smith said to open up his press conference.

“I am going to maintain the executive vice president title, if we hire a GM that runs the personnel then we’ll do that,” Smith said of his future. “This is a fluid process. I am absolutely intent on coming back. I will maintain at least the executive vice president title. If Mr. McNair feels like he wants to hire a general manager then he will hire a general manager.”

Smith will also be talking to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell about vacating his spot on the competition committee.

“I can move away from here knowing that the organization is in good hands and good shape,” Smith explained. “Knowing this group of players in the locker room and this group of coaches, if they continue to work the way I know they will, we will have the success I know we are looking for.”

The Texans appear to be moving forward with O’Brien and the potential to hire a new general manager to help locate the team’s personnel moving forward.




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