March 21, 2018

Houston Texans Like what UCF’s Shaquem Griffin Brings to the Football Field

The Houston Texans had a chance to coach one of the most interesting and talented players at the Senior Bowl in University of Central Florida defender, Shaquem Griffin. The NFL asked the Texans to move Griffin around and they did just that, playing him on the edge as a rusher, as a linebacker, and sending him in to do some work at defensive back.

Griffin put in a strong showing on the field during three practices was named the overall best practice player by the Senior Bowl. That work caught the attention of both the South team’s head coach Bill O’Brien and defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel.

“What a kid,” O’Brien said of Griffin. “I have been impressed with him in the meeting room and on practice field and he plays hard. He has a way of playing, his playing style relative to what his limitations are physically. He’s got a way of playing that really is interesting to watch. He is going to be an interesting guy to evaluate. He’s a tough guy and plays fast, good on special teams, a fun kid to coach.”

Griffin was moved around by Crennel each of the three days, helping showcase his skill set and showing he could rush the passer and cover when needed. The Texans staff also liked the work he put in during special teams making him an intriguing prospect.

Crennel liked what he saw from the versatile defender.

“He only has one hand but is out there battling with the rest of them, he’s got a great attitude and he’s got good ability and he doesn’t let the fact he only has one hand slow him down,” Crennel explained.

Griffin was born with amniotic band syndrome affecting his left hand, causing his fingers to not fully develop. Shaquem’s parents had his hand amputated when he was 4. Crennel is not worried about that when it comes to seeing Griffen’s work this week as a player on the NFL level.

“I think initially you would be concerned about it but then once you see the guy play, you know there is something special about him,” Crennel stated. “Then you have to see if there is a role on your team that he can fit, so I think everybody will do that.”


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