March 21, 2018

Romeo Crennel Hoping for a Seamless Transition with the Houston Texans

The Houston Texans are going back to a familiar face in defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel with the aim of helping to get the one time top defensive unit in the NFL back on track. While regaining control of the defense, Crennel will continue to hold the assistant head coach tag heading into the 2017 season.

“‘The more you can do,’ that is what they say about the NFL,” Crennel said with a smile after practice at the Senior Bowl to Houston Fox 26s Mark Berman.

The Texans 2017 defense was not only the worst in the NFL, but also the worst in franchise history. Crennel is hoping to see healthy players return and fill out his defensive staff so they can get to work on regaining the glory of years past.

“I hope it is like riding a bike; they say you never forget how to do that. So, hopefully that is the case for me,” Crennel said. “I think the biggest thing is that we need to get guys healthy from last year and then there are some changes on the staff we have to work through. We feel like we are going to be very competitive going into the season.”

The Texans have hired John Pagano to coach their outside linebackers, while Anthony Midget will take over as the defensive back coach. Crennel remains hopeful that last season was just one of those random seasons slowed by injuries. He is hoping for a seamless transition for the players and the coaches heading into next season.

“I hope so, but you never know because every year is a new year, but we are looking for a seamless transition,” Crennel explained. “Hopefully, we find the right people to fit in the room with us so we can go ahead and get some things done.”


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