March 18, 2018

Deshaun Watson Thinks a Hit Against the Seattle Seahawks “Loosened Up” His ACL

With Deshaun Watson making the rounds at Radio Row during the lead up to the Super Bowl in Minneapolis, he stopped by PFT Live and explained that he felt his ACL injury might have been put in motion after a hit he took from Seattle Seahawks defensive end Frank Clark. As Watson hit Will Fuller on a tunnel screen for a short gain on a pass to the left, Lamar Miller tried to pick Clark up in pass protection. However, Clark jumped over Miller and hit Watson on his left knee.

Watson explained the situation of how he tore his ACL.

“I did not actually,” Watson said of thinking he tore his ACL in practice. “You know just a regular move and I made a cut and my knee buckled. I thought my foot got stuck in the grass and I just fell. I just hopped up and jogged off the field. Then the trainer took me inside and got a MRI and then it came back I had a torn ACL.”

Unsure of the situation from the ACL injury, Watson went back and watched the Seahawks game tape to see the hit on the game film and determine whether he could draw some conclusions.

“It just didn’t really click because I tore my left one before and when I tore that one I knew right when I did it,” Watson said. “With my right one, I didn’t know at all. I kinda went back and watched the Seattle game again and I seen the hit that I got rolled up on. And I kinda had a feeling…..”

After the Seattle game, Watson did not receive any treatment nor did he show up on the injury report after the game due to the knee. As Watson explained, he thinks the hit “loosened it up” which ultimately ended up in him tearing his ACL.

Other Highlights from Deshaun Watson on Radio Row

“It was just tough. I couldn’t really put it in my own head what was going on. I just had to try manage and contain all the emotions that I was feeling and being able to have great support cast around me was very helpful.”

-Watson on Mad Dog Sports Radio on his initial thoughts on his injury. 

“A couple of more months, actually I’m three months out. I’m looking very, very good ahead of schedule. So, I am making sure I don’t do anything to kinda to put me in the back end and slow me down. Hopefully the Summer.

“Training camp is a guarantee. I am making sure I am ready for training camp for sure. OTAs, it just depends on everything on how it is coming along, but for sure training camp.”

-Watson on Mad Dog Sports Radio regarding his timetable to return to the field. 

“Week 3 playing against Tom Brady, even though we didn’t win. How I went toe-to-toe with him on the road, a guy I have been watching since I have been a little kid.

-Deshaun Watson on his “Wow” Moment in the NFL on NFL Network 


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