February 21, 2018

Houston Texans Deshaun Watson Wants to Chase what Patriots Tom Brady Has Accomplished

As if Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson didn’t give enough to the team when he hit the field and put up some video game numbers in his six starts this season, he stays hungry and wants more. He made that loud and clear during Super Bowl week on Radio Row.

Watson mentioned earlier this week, his “wow” moment (Read Here) in the NFL was when he went toe-to-toe with New England Patriots Tom Brady in their week three matchup which eventually went to the Patriots on a late 4th quarter drive by Brady.

With Brady and the Patriots in the Super Bowl, Watson is looking at the bar he needs to set for himself and the Texans organization. On NFL Network’s Good Morning Football, Watson said that he is shooting for the legacy Brady has put together.

“If Tom wins, it’s going to six, right? I want to be at seven,” Watson told NFL Network’s Good Morning Football on Friday. “Whatever it takes to be the best, the greatest, and not just for me, but for any athlete, especially quarterback … if you don’t want to chase Tom Brady and [be] above him, you’re selling yourself short. I always put my mentality with [being] the best, and Tom Brady is the best right now, so whatever I have to do to get to that level at age 40, that’s what I’m going to do.”

Watson is not afraid of the limelight or setting high expectations for himself or his teammates. With the franchise quarterback now in place for the Texans, it is clear that Watson is leading the way in more ways than one. In addition to his performances on game days, he brings to the franchise a new mentality of aiming to win Super Bowls.







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