March 22, 2018

Texans Notebook: How the Bill Parcells Tree is Alive with the Houston Texans + Quick Hitters

ESPN’s 30 for 30 titled “The Two Bills” highlighted the careers of Hall of Fame former head coach Bill Parcells and current New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. The program focused on the two coaches’ careers, from the beginning of their partnership working for the New York Giants to the controversy which swirled as the New York Jets prevented Belichick from taking a job with the Patriots in 2000.

Fast forward to the 2018 Houston Texans. As unlikely as it may seem given the franchise did not field a team until 2002, there are many elements of “The Two Bills” story that pertain to the current Texans organization.

In the coaching world, there are always connections to another coach and sometimes even relevant players. These connections build the limbs of the infamous “coaching trees” from which present-day coaches in the NFL have their roots. Connections lead to recommendations and give rise to newer branches of the tree growing their own limb of coaches beneath them. There are always connections.

Going back to how this affects the Houston Texans, recall that head coach Bill O’Brien got his way and landed the general manager he wanted in Brian Gaine. This relationship stems back to current University of Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz. O’Brien speaks very highly of Ferentz and the way he coaches his team. Ferentz also coached Gaine as a football player at Maine where he was a collegiate tight end. Also, Ferentz was Belichick’s offensive line coach for the Cleveland Browns from 1993-1995.

There has been “alignment” discussion starting with O’Brien in his final press conference of the season and from Gaine in his first press conference as the general manger. The alignment between O’Brien and Gaine goes back to an ideology put into play by Parcells when he arrived to the NFL and learned by Belichick from Parcells. The two coaches split when Belichick left to coach the Patriots, which ultimately led to the alignment by the Texans in 2018 with O’Brien and Gaine.

Belichick was a limb off of the Parcells tree and O’Brien became a disciple of Belichick’s when he arrived to the Patriots as an offensive assistant in 2007. For five seasons, O’Brien grew in a system that has produced one of the greatest dynasties the NFL has ever witnessed.

As for Gaine, he worked for Parcells and Belichick as a scout in 1999 for the Jets, then followed Parcells to the Dallas Cowboys and Miami Dolphins, learning the ways of success and how to build a team under the tutelage of Parcells for eleven years.

The alignment concerning how to build a roster is connected through Parcells and Belichick and would likely be the biggest reason why O’Brien wanted Gaine with him when it was all said and done. The future of the Texans is based on a vision of how to build a team which started with the success of the Giants under the two successful “Bills” in 1979.

Returning to 2018 and the Houston Texans, O’Brien and Gaine are trying to harness that Parcells and Belichick energy and use it in the best way to build a team and coach them to success for the Texans organization.


Quick Hitters

There was news about Deshaun Watson being ready for 7-on-7s when OTAs arrive for the Texans. This has been said for some time and Bill O’Brien even mentioned during the Senior Bowl that there was a chance that Watson could do some things in OTAs.

Houston Texans assistant general manager Jimmy Raye III interviewed for the Carolina Panthers general manager vacancy. Raye talked with the Panthers team site about the interview and how he viewed the Panthers roster.


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