February 21, 2018

Houston Texans Deny the Denver Broncos an Interview for Offensive Assistant Wes Welker

According to reports, the Denver Broncos requested to interview Houston Texans offensive assistant Wes Welker for their wide receiver coach. The Texans denied that request for Welker to interview in Denver.

Welker worked closely with the returners and the wide receivers alongside wide receiver coach John Perry. Welker worked primarily with the slot wide receivers and helped the group understand the Texans offense even more as a former player in the offense in New England.

Welker was hired prior to 2017 after the Senior Bowl to help as an offensive assistant and he will enter his second season with the Texans. Bill O’Brien has not finalized his coaching staff for the upcoming 2018 season and mentioned it will be a little while until it is completed.





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