February 21, 2018

Houston Texans DeAndre Hopkins Has a Message for New England Patriots Malcolm Butler

Soon-to-be unrestricted free agent from the New England Patriots Malcolm Butler is a hot topic a day after the Super Bowl. Butler was benched in the Super Bowl loss to the Philadelphia Eagles after being the top defensive player, in terms of snaps, on the field during the regular season.

“I appreciate the question, but it would be a much longer discussion,” Belichick said about Butler after the loss on Sunday. “There are a lot of things that go into that. In the end, the final decision is what I said it was.”

“They gave up on me, “F—. It is what it is.” Butler said after the game after only playing one special teams snap the entire game.

“I respect Malcolm’s competitiveness, and I’m sure that he felt like he could have helped,” Belichick said in Monday’s press conference with the media. “I’m sure other players felt the same way. In the end, we have to make the decisions that we feel are best for the football team, and that’s what we did, that’s what I did.”

With controversy surrounding the Butler situation in New England and questions waiting to be answered due to his absence. Houston Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins made it clear that there is a place for him with the Texans.

The Texans do need depth at the cornerback position and Hopkins started his recruiting pitch early for Butler.







Starting 48 games for the Patriots the past four seasons, Butler has 177 total tackles, 8 interceptions and 50 pass deflections. Butler is most known for his goal line interception against the Seattle Seahawks in 2014 to give the Patriots a Super Bowl win.

Butler prior to the 2017 seasons signed a 1 year deal worth $3.910 million and is now scheduled to be a free agent heading into this off-season.





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