February 21, 2018

Houston Texans C.J. Fiedorowicz Contemplating His Future in the NFL

Houston Texans tight end C.J. Fiedorowicz is taking it easy this off-season and taking his time on making a decision on whether or not return to the game of football. Fiedorowicz suffered three concussions in 2017 and the first two coming prior to week 2 of the season.

It has come to the point that Fiedorowicz is thinking of retiring or sitting out the upcoming 2018 season to reset and see how he feels heading into the 2019 season.

“A dude knocked me out,” Fiedorowicz said to the Northwest Herald about his week one concussion. “After eight weeks (a period on injured reserve), when I came back, it was constantly on my mind. I wasn’t always able to play loose and free. It was in my head. Anytime that’s on your mind while you’re playing an NFL football game, you’re in trouble. You can’t play timid. Guys are trying to take your head off, you know?”

Since 2016, Fiedorowicz has had four total concussions and that alone has put some doubt into the Texans primary Y-tight end. With increased information on CTE and the awareness on the issues with concussions in the NFL, Fiedorowicz knows that he has to think of his long-term health.

“I happened to get a couple of pretty bad concussions, and you can’t help but think about that,” Fiedorowicz said. “It was on my mind. … When I’m thinking about it during a game, that’s when you know it’s a problem.”

The Texans extended Fiedorowicz prior to the 2017 season with a three-year, $21.5 million with over $10 million guaranteed but the Texans tight end knows the quality of life trumps the amount of money he can make.

“I have a backup plan,” he said. “I’ve realized money is not happiness. Money definitely gives you freedom, but I’ve played four years. I’ve accomplished things I wanted to accomplish. It’s more about making my town happy, making my family happy and being able to enjoy the rest of my life.”


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