April 24, 2014

Know Your Opponent with www.BlackandTeal.com


As week 11 and a second matchup versus the Jacksonville Jaguars looms, we reach out to our favorite Jaguars blog, @BlackandTeal, more specifically, editor @LukeNSims. Luke looks at QB Blaine Gabbert’s performance, top 2012 draft pick Justin Blackmon, and the Jaguars bright spot of a disappointing 2012 season… go ahead and read below to find out what that pleasant surprise is for the dedicated fans. As always, we welcome your questions for our guest bloggers. Please use the hashtag #KnowYourOpponent (or #KYO if you’re short on space) along with your question, and @theclairebear23. Your question will be in consideration for…

Know Your Opponent: With @BlackandTeal


    We mark the second installment of Know Your Opponent by continuing our focus on the Texans’ rival for the coming Sunday. This week, we enlist the help of Luke Sims with Black & Teal to aid our understanding on a variety of topics from what to expect from Blaine Gabbert week 2 to the MJD holdout, as well as the new vibe in Jax with the Khan ownership and Mularkey coaching takeover. As an added feature, for the first time, Know Your Opponent took questions from the Twitter crew to ensure the questions YOU want answered are addressed. You can ask your…

Scouting the Draft for a Mario Williams Replacement


This is an installment from State of the Texans feature Columnist, Mike Kerns.   Even before the eventual departure of Mario Williams to free agency, it is always said of a Wade Phillips 3-4 defense that one can never have enough linebackers. Be it inside or outside, you can’t have another situation like last season where Connor Barwin and Brooks Reed were playing virtually every snap and giving the trainer with the oxygen masks a workout after every play.   With this logic in mind combined with this little event known as the NFL Draft right around the corner, my…