April 25, 2014

Delano Johnson: New Year, New Position, Same Focus

Delano Johnson, #64

Not much is known about Delano Johnson to Houston Texans fans and not many know Johnson spent the entire 2012 season on the practice squad. Johnson was a relative unknown when it comes to the star power on the Texans roster, but in 2013 Johnson is looking to make that step to make his name known. It is hard to miss Johnson on the field he is 6-4 and 290 lbs. and is truly a gifted athlete for his size. We have been fortunate enough to cover Johnson for almost a year since he has been in Houston, and the…

SOTT talks to Delano Johnson


After a full week of training camp in the books, we had the chance to talk to rookie outside linebacker from Bowie State, Delano Johnson. Better known as “Lo”, Johnson at 6-4 280 lbs. looks the part of being an NFL linebacker. Gifted with rare talents, Johnson on Saturday deflected three passes, one on a pass rush and two while dropping in coverage. The most impressive part was how high he jumped for one of the deflections. His athleticism is something to watch and lucky for us we have seen how hard Johnson has been working out and learning during training camp.   Podcast: Play…

Texans Profiles: The UDFA

Houston Texans Fans

Very impressed with the Houston Texans draft class, the team did not stop after the draft getting some more work done. The Texans front office has put together what appears to be one of the more impressive undrafted rookie free agent groups we have seen in some time. The class is headlined with three players who in our estimation have real shots at making the Texans roster, and the reason why these three did not get drafted is still puzzling. Even still, this 2012 draft crop of rookies has the chance to be one of the deepest in Texans’ history. The Texans…