April 20, 2014

Texans 2013 Estimated Cap Space Revealed


According to ESPN Paul Kuharsky the estimated 2013 cap space has been released,   According to @espn_afcsouth the #Texans will have $12.9 million in cap room for 2013. — PDS (@PatDStat) January 8, 2013 The AFC South cap space for 2013 was also shown, (Click On link to see AFC South) AFC South 2013 (estimated) cap space. #Texansyfrog.com/gyylaplrj — PDS (@PatDStat) January 8, 2013   Heading into the 2012 season the Texans were only working with On March 30, 2012 the #Texans were $3.6 million under the cap heading into this season. Had plenty bigger free agents then. — PDS (@PatDStat)…