April 17, 2014

Preview Of The Enemy: Jacksonville Jaguars Game Two

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Think NFL Network is suffering from buyer’s remorse right about now? Too bad they can’t flex games like NBC. I’m sure they assumed the Jaguars would be out of the playoff conversation, but no way they expected the two teams to have a combined five wins. Not everyone had the Texans as a playoff team, I saw a few previews that predicted them to finish the year 8-8, but if anyone claims they predicted the Texans to have fewer wins than the Jaguars coming into this game, they’re lying. I still think the Texans have better overall talent on their…

All-22: Texans vs. Jagaurs


We looked at some more All-22 from this past Sunday’s game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, and once again there are so many things to draw thoughts from. Here are a few.     All-22 Watch Out Braman Bryan Braman got greet early on the opening kickoff. No clue the block was coming. #Texans pic.twitter.com/X89z5AfiKZ — PDS (@PatDStat) November 27, 2013 More Pick Routes   3rd and Short. The #Texans defense has had issues with this all season. pic.twitter.com/Hsan2DOuMH — PDS (@PatDStat) November 27, 2013   At the snap WR #2 runs a pick route to make McCain bubble. #Texans pic.twitter.com/V62ggYOj5s — PDS…

Preview Of The Enemy: Jacksonville Jaguars


The routes taken by the Houston Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars this season have been different, but they’ve surprisingly reached the same destination. No one is surprised to see the Jaguars at the bottom of the standings, but the Texans season sinking like a lead balloon has been a shock to their fans. The Jacksonville Jaguars are not just the worst team in the league this season, but one of the worst teams of all time statistically. With how bad the Jaguars are, it would stand to reason that I should pick the Texans to win and probably win comfortably, but…

Texans Land Fullback in Greg Jones


Can confirm the #Texans have signed fullback Greg Jones to a one-year deal. — Tania Ganguli (@taniaganguli) March 27, 2013 Greg Jones’ deal is for $1 million. Base of $840,000 with $160,000 to sign. $240,000 of it is guaranteed. #Texans — Tania Ganguli (@taniaganguli) March 27, 2013   The Houston Texans continued their offseason work with the signing of free agent fullback, Greg Jones. The Texans plucked him away from division foe, the Jacksonville Jaguars where he has been a key piece of their football team since 2004. At 6-1 and 265 lbs. the Texans have added a missing piece…

Fullback Greg Jones visiting the Texans


Texans hosting FB Greg Jones today. I can confirm report they’ll bring in Tyrann Mathieu at some point before draft. — John McClain (@McClain_on_NFL) March 26, 2013 In fact, if Greg Jones played in a city other than Jacksonville, he probably would have made a Pro Bowl by now. Vicious blocker. #Texans — Tania Ganguli (@taniaganguli) March 26, 2013 The Houston Texans are hosting free agent fullback, Greg Jones, who most recently played for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Jones was drafted by the Jaguars in 2004 in the 2nd round (55th overall) out of Florida State University where he originally was recruited…

Texans to Watch: Jacksonville Edition

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The 8-1 Houston Texans take on division rival 1-8 Jacksonville Jaguars this Sunday in Reliant Stadium.  This Jaguars’ team is reminiscent of the early Texans led by David Carr – maybe worse since it is being reported that Jags’ All-Pro running back Maurice Jones-Drew will be out due to injury.  The key for the Texans this week will be how they react coming off a big win at Chicago on a short week.  The term “any given Sunday” comes to mind.   The Jaguars, ironically, play better on the road.  Their only win was on the road versus the Colts,…

Know Your Opponent With @ndyWillis


  In this week’s episode, we check in with Twitter favorite and Jaguars fan everydude, Andy Willis. Andy is as diehard as diehards come. We have a Twitter bet for (apparently) every Texans/Jaguars (not Jags – seems they don’t like that) match-up. It’s an avatar wager and if I win, he gets this.           If he wins, I get… I don’t know. Does it matter? It seems Andy and the rest of Jacksonville have conceded the contest already. Which works for us here at State of the Texans. Although, truthfully, Jaguars fans are my favorite of…

Jaguars Sunday Primer: 3 Things to Watch


Divisional games for the Houston Texans always seem to be an adventure for the team, especially when the Jacksonville Jaguars are involved. Despite the Texans taking both games in 2011 (24-14 and 20-13), there is reason to use caution in their first meeting in 2012. Look no further than the Jaguars best player in Maurice Jones-Drew and what he can get between the tackles and moving forward with the football. The Jaguars always seem to give the Texans issues and in the last ten games the teams have split the series.  Overall, the Texans lead the series 11-9 since the 2002 season….

Know Your Opponent: With @BlackandTeal


    We mark the second installment of Know Your Opponent by continuing our focus on the Texans’ rival for the coming Sunday. This week, we enlist the help of Luke Sims with Black & Teal to aid our understanding on a variety of topics from what to expect from Blaine Gabbert week 2 to the MJD holdout, as well as the new vibe in Jax with the Khan ownership and Mularkey coaching takeover. As an added feature, for the first time, Know Your Opponent took questions from the Twitter crew to ensure the questions YOU want answered are addressed. You can ask your…

Texans Top 5 Rivals


Thinking about the upcoming Houston Texans season made me think of the teams that seem to bring the best out of the Texans. The list has the names we all expect to see but the order might be up for debate. Entering the 10th full season of play, the rivalry between the Texans and their opponents are still putting chapters to their histories. The list will evolve in the coming seasons, but as of today this is how I see it when it comes to the Texans current rivals.     5. Dallas Cowboys (All Time Record: 1-2, Points 38-71) This has to be the…